Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Souray or not Souray? That is The Question

The age old debate that has raged over the last season hovered around the pending Markov Souray UFA dilemma. Who would the Habs keep if they had the chance to sign one? Would they be able to sign them both?

Everyone with any pull in the matter has said the right things. Souray favored Montreal. Gainey wanted them both. Markov wanted to stay and after several seasons with the Habs issued a statement through a translator stating: "I like Montreal, Montreal is good". This astounding vote of Shakespearean confidence prompted Gainey to offer his Russian roubleback the largest contract in Canadiens history. Yes. Andrei Markov is the beneficiary of the richest contract ever offered to a Montreal Canadien. Why that irks me, I don't know. Maybe because it makes no sense whatsoever, yes that would be a good start.

Sheldon, my love, you one trick pony you, St-Laurent will never be the same. I will miss the frequent attempts to LOCATE the puck on the REPLAY of your bombs. I never could. You said you wanted to stay, but of course while you could have broken the bank here, you will certainly raise a Chase Manhattan roof elsewhere.

Did the Habs do the right thing? If you like the glitz, then the answer is Nyet. If you like the elegance of certainty and grace, then all I can say is добро пожаловать домой, Andrei. (Gonna have to work for that one.)

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Anonymous said...

welcome home. really wasn't that hard.