Thursday, June 21, 2007

Soccer, Strippers... and the Habs

So when the FHF started this thing we were emailing each other and talking about what we should do, who should be in charge, what rules should we have, etc. But screw that, we said, do what you want, no one is in charge, no one edits, fuck rules. On second thought we decided to have one rule - every post should be about the Habs. That is the whole point of FHF after all.

But the cries went up - what if we want to talk about soccer? (a favourite topic for 2 of us) What if we want to talk about strippers? (a favourite topic for all of us). I said, just relate it to the Habs and you're fine. They said, how do we do that?

Here you go - just put it in a post title and you're done.

I always think about the Habs when I talk with my friend J about soccer and his beloved Liverpool FC. He is fanatical about them in the truest sense of that word. Few sports and/or teams inspire the type of loyalty, craziness, and passion like that. The Habs are in that class. We live and die by every game, every goal, every moment.

As for strippers, nothing in sports goes better with strippers than hockey (well except maybe Pacman Jones). Habs players are routinely seen at Chez Paree or Wanda's. Opposing players always say they love coming to Montreal for the "nightlife." And did you know that if you have your hockey ticket stub at Club Downtown after a game, you get a free beer? Uh, not that I know that.

Rest assured, the FHF will troll the Montreal strip clubs during the season looking for hockey players to report back to our three readers. It's a dirty job, but well, you know, we'll do it for you.

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