Friday, June 22, 2007

Gonna be a MONSTER night on TSN

Hopefully by the time McGuire starts screaming I'll be good and drunk. Or stoned. Hopefully both, so I can just shut out his screaming. I think this may be an old picture btw - is Domi even there any more? I generally can't stand hockey on TSN, RDS is marginally better. We all know hockey broadcasting achieved perfection with Gallivan and Irvin in powder blue CBC suits; everything else is 3rd rate.

So who's watching the draft? If I have nothing better to do, sure what the fuck I'll watch it, with plenty of booze on hand. But I'm not one of those draft crazies who lives for it. Plus it's a Friday night. I do have a life. Well, not really. So I guess I'll be watching. Possible live-blogging of the Habs pick as it happens! That'll be my first drunken post. Can't wait.

For those who will be watching, be sure to check out the hysterical guys over at The Sports Hernia with their Essential Viewing Tips for the NHL Draft. It's targetted to our American hockey fan neighbours (all 8 of 'em), but still worth the read.

Draft night in Columbus! I wish I was there. Bring it on.

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