Friday, June 29, 2007

Goodbye Mr. and Mrs. Souray, Montreal Will Miss You

A kind reader sent along this video in response to our Angelica Bridges post on Wednesday. As you know by now, she's the wife / ex-wife / estranged wife / reconciled wife (seriously which is it?) of soon-to-be L.A. King Sheldon Souray. Apparently she is a singer as well as an actress/model (multi-talented!), and this is her pop group, Strawberry Blonde. Heh.

While there is no nudity per se (FHF has a no nudity policy, who knew?), there are definitely plenty of NSFW moments for the boys on a Friday afternoon. Goodbye, Sheldon and Angelica. Your surgically-repaired wrist firing cannons from the point and hot bod, respectively, will be missed.

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Anonymous said...

Souris a connu sa meilleure saison à Montréal en 2006-2007 alors que sa "chatte" était loin loin de lui. 5 millions et + par saison pour un défenseur qui ne contribue qu'offensivement, c'est trop cher payé, surtout lorsque tu loupes ta place en série. On s'ennuie du "Big Three". Le Sénateur, Big Bird et Pointu. Back to reality. BOB BOB BOB doit se concentrer sur d'autres agents libres à partir du 1er juillet. Go Bob Go.