Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Next Year's Cup Finals to be Doddering Old Man Free

Reports out of Toronto indicate that the CBC is finally pulling the plug on doddering old fool/Leafs lover Bob Cole by giving competent play-by-play man Jim Hughson the first announcer's chair for next season, including the Stanley Cup final. Cole will continue to mispronounce names and ignore the play in order to praise the Toronto Maple Leafs on secondary broadcasts.

Three things to say here:

1) Cole was a very good announcer for a very long time, but this is long overdue, because he lost his marbles at least a decade ago. Listening to Cole and Harry Neale fumble their way through a game was fucking excruciating.

2) Hughson is good, but the CBC let the best play-by-play guy out there get away when they lost Chris Cuthbert.

3) I'm guessing the vast majority of Habs fans will still watch RDS, because if Hughson has the "primary game" (ie the Leafs), Cole might have the Habs, and it will still suck.


moeman said...

I agree 100%.

Also, doesn't cole like to do the game playBYplay with his pants off? That's gotta be worth something. Even to Hairy Kneel.

Bryan said...

fucking fire him already. he's not even good enough to commentate for local house leagues !

this is retarded. i'm still watchin RDS next game anyway. boycott the CBC!

Bryan said...

oh, and personally i love hughson. anyone who comes up with "Bingo, bango, bongo, his name is Roberto Luongo" has much respect in my books LOL

Anonymous said...

sorry bryan. that was tom larscheid of the canucks radio broadcasts, not hughson.

Bryan said...

oh.. my apologies. regardless, i still think hughson is the best out there

Senators Lost Cojones said...

Careful what you wish for folks. Once Cole finally quits/falls out of press box, you get Mark Lee (after Hughson), who falls just under "jamming chopsticks through my eardrums" on my scale of Fun Things To Listen To.