Sunday, May 22, 2011

CRapture ~ Special Sunday still alive on Sabbath post

Always a great day following another Bruin choke job
where they piss away a lead. Oh look, they took out
another Bolt player with a dirty hit. Calling Collie.
See if you can find the best paragraph of this well written article.
Rap this.

So glad we're still alive!
G Y F H G !


Anonymous said...

Straining. Straining breasts. Just straining to be free.

Anonymous said...

To Steve: Ah. So you know how mad it is here in the far east. I must stay anon though.

But I will think of you the next time I'm at the Mandarin with Russian hookers.

In the middle of my madness, powder everywhere, cheap Russian knickers flung on the TV, even then, I'll think: 'I wonder how Steve's doing?'



Number31 said...

Tim Thomas is overrated and if Boucher would stop giving MAB non-powerplay ice time they would have this series in the bag already. Gee that sounds familiar.

Also Tim Peel should be fired for that call on Downie ('cause lord knows he won't get fired for the crap he pulls during Habs games). Reputation call? DOWNIE'S THE ONE GIVING THE HEADSHOTS USUALLY. Wrong reputation, asshat!

Orangeman said...

Godspeed, Gary Carter.

Kate said...

Timmy flops around like a walrus. Not pretty. Tampa needs to win the next two so whatever I have left of my sanity can be restored. Oh, and this weather sucks as hard as the Bruins do.

Anonymous said...

does anyone else think the hp Pavillion looks just like a $19.95 printer that requires $90 cartridges every two weeks?

Number31 said...

Yea. It looks like my old HP laser printer.


Number31 said...

Game 7 for the Dogs. If they win and go to the Finals, I'm driving to Hamilton. Maybe I'll even go to Bingo! (Mmm... Applebee's).

Steve said...

In case you missed it like me, Nucks win 4-2 to take 3-1 series lead, Hray

Mr. natural said...