Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sexy Saturday is getting damn close to porn territory (NTTAWWT). And rapture this, bitCHes

Sharks hold on 2 make a series, Booze+Oxy killed Boog, Bulldogs survive again, Burnside on Kirk, RIP Macho Man, FHF fave Kate Upton, 4 MMA fans. #stillfuckingherefundies #idontknowwhatthisvideoisbutyowzathxorblamemoeman

MANUAL FOR BORED GIRLS Teaser from Jesus Plaza on Vimeo.


ti-cul said...

@ maritimer,

go sea dogs!

ti-cul said...

@ fhf, ouh,

ti-cul said...


Mr. natural said...

as usual I'm late, now thatsa summa boobs you gotta there .

Go Sea Dogs
Go ...?'Peg

Hey they put up an Irish Pub, Oneil's (I think), in my neighborhood! How happy am I :)

the Maritimer said...

Thanks guys!

The Sportsnet guys were raving about Jonathan Huberdeau last night. This guy is the real deal, way better than Louis! Louis! Apparently Timmins was scouting the last game in Gatineau, hopefully he can convince the Goat to pull a rabbit out of his hat and move up in the draft to nab Mssr. H. in June.

Kinda hung over this morning, still waiting for the Four Horsemen to show up.

moeman said...

To each his own, porn .

Enjoy your last day on earth FHFers, see most of you in h-e-double hockey sticks.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Barrister girl. I'm still here.

This is gonna be really random.

1.Don't fucking show me photos of Serge in a fucking Jets uni. Ever, Ever again.Just don't do that. I'll fuck you in your little bum FHF lawyer guy version 12.5 If you ever try that again.

Sue me after I roger your bum. I care not!. Your little gay arse will still be sore. There's nothing wrong with gay people by the way.


Where was I? Oh yeah.So there. Ha!

I used to watch Serge live, in a Habs uni, at the Forum, while FHF version 6.1 or whatever was like 2 and his balls were really tiny and not hanging out there confidently, ready to bounce against a girl's bum while shagging fast in the last moments of love.

2. No mention of Harry Howell. In 3 fucking years. Just because we did the media thing on him that does not give us the right to forget him.

Give the poor bastard a call. Have a sad afternoon beer with him. Get the numbers for Minnesota porn girls from him. I need those numbers.Give me those fucking numbers.

3. There is no point 3.

4. Fuck I'm like fucked. Fuggity. Do you low little dirty sneaky masturbaters realize that we took 3 in reg on the Bruins, lost 3 in OT, and only 1 in Reg? It's driving me fucking mad. I'm so very angry.

I've got this job as an architect, and a 3 year old daughter, but I don't cunting care. I'm quitting. Now.That's how serious that Habs loss was.

I'm going to throw my life away and do massive massive lines of Coke with Barrister Girl at the Mandarin in Hong Kong. That's all I can promise you from now on. OK? I'm like so done.

I was gonna quit my Charlie habit but now I'm not gonna, because of that one fucking series. So fuck you.

I'm a fucking wreck. My head hurts and i

Anonymous said...

Very sorry, I called all of the 4HF guys low sneaky Masturbaters.

The correct spelling is,of course, masturbators. Whatever, they wank all the time. So no diff.

Steve said...

@non 1114 choose life,no matter the circumstance, no matter the burden, no matter the hurt, its better.

Steve said...

@ anon if you live threw this you owe me a couple of beer at Dusk till Dawn, in Wan Chia, and that of course comes with a biz class ticket, but the good news is they fly twice a day to Cathay from YYZ. And do not under any circumstances listen to Cohen or Nick Drake. Look forward to meeting you.!

moeman said...

Suck it broons.

Unknown said...
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Orangeman said...

Love how after last game TSN and the rest of them were declaring the broons Cup champs, only to debate if Chara or Thomas should get the Conn Smythe. Did anyone see that hit by Horton on Downie? Downie gets his face smashed into the boards, can't skate straight and has to leave the game. Yet he gets called for diving (I guess because Horton has a reputation as a class act?). The NHL really has no interest in even trying to look objective anymore, do they?

Go Bolts!
Go Nucks!
Go Winnipeg!

Vintage HF29 said...

can i just say that this sexy saturday video is really quite something? yegads

carry on.

oh and die Bruins die

Number31 said...

Everybody wang chung tonight.