Thursday, July 12, 2007

All Hail Our Robot Overlords

No, he's not an overlord, he's the friendly Are You Watching This? robot. He does a great thing - he trolls around sports games, checking for televised games that are close, headed into OT or extra innings, there's a no-hitter, etc. Basically games you should be watching on TV. Then he sends you a text message or email to tell you to TURN ON THE FUCKING TV and watch already. Brilliant concept.

He's coming to Canada. Maybe. Go here to find out how to make it happen.


Bob said...

Awesome idea!! Go over to there and send in an email!

John said...

As a lifelong Sabres fan, I don't agree with Habs fans on much, but it's very easy to agree that RUWT is awesome. Also, more hockey fans on RUWT helping RUWTbot identify the great games will only make it more excellent for all of us next season. Send the email and sign up if you haven't already!