Saturday, July 07, 2007

Habs Video of the Day

So I don't know if you're like me (we all know Jack Todd isn't), I could watch or play hockey every day, even in the summer. As much as I enjoy the business and administration stuff (i.e. the entry draft, Free Agency, cap issues etc.), I miss the game already. I miss Souray's point blasts (and au revoir, I guess) , Ryder's snapshot, Bouillon's bodychecks and Koivu's work in the corners. So I thought we'd take a look at a video clip of what goes on on the ice everyday during the summer ... well, as often as I get to posting one, I guess.

We might as well start off with a nice compilation piece of Habs History. You know, when they used to win Cups? If you can't remember because you're either too young (ugh...13 year old Montrealers have never seen a Stanley Cup Parade...) or too old (although in his defence, HF29 does remember the last streak of 4 straight like it was yesterday), this is for you. Good soundtrack, too.

(yeah I know, not all that much on-ice action. It'll be better next time.)


P Saucier said...

That's soooooo nice! My father has a collection of tapes about the famous five in a row Stanley cup victories.

panger76 said...

Those tapes must be alsmost sureal to watch today with all those Hall of Famers on the team: the Ruchards, Harvey, Beliveau, Boom Boom etc. If only we had one of those guys these days!