Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Morning Skate for Wednesday, July 18th

Bullet point for what you missed while having nightmares of Bob Cole and Harry Neale becoming the only broadcast team in the country...

I would tell you more, but every sports site on the planet is talking about Michael Vick. Be kind to animals, kids. It's like hockey doesn't even exist. Can you believe that? Make sure to read KSK's take on Vick, killer as usual.

Alrighty the FHF will be coming up with some sort of gimmick soon to fill the time 'til training camp. We don't know what it will be called, or who will write it, or what it is, but it'll be awesome. And apparently newly-married Panger has some sort of story about a legendary Hab. You will never guess who. No really, try and guess, I dare you. So check back to find out who.

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