Monday, July 30, 2007

Puck Bunnies Woohoo!

You know I am really loathe to make a new post just for the purposes of linking to someone else's post. But when the topic of that someone else's post is puck bunnies, well, fuck, I just can't help it.

Be sure to check out the fine folks at Dear Lord Stanley and their quality post about the hottest puck bunnies. Though as I mentioned in the comments, any list like that that doesn't include FHF obsession Angelica Bridges is totally incomplete. Admittedly, she hasn't been in the news recently the way the others on the list have (and that was the alleged reason for the post), but her absence is still noted.

BTW the posting of an Elisha Cuthbert photo does not mean the FHF endorse that francophone-hating douchebag Sean Avery. It just means it's been at least 4 days since the FHF posted a photo of a hot chick.

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