Monday, July 09, 2007

The Email Chain - Nicknaming Tom Kostopolous

So if you read HF29's profile on the right, you'll see that FHF arose out of the FHF's email exchanges. Then we thought, WTF, we'll just post the email exchanges, unedited (typos included!). And a cheap blogging shortcut was born. Here's Volume 1.

HF29: we need a nickname for Kostopolous. im not writing that out all the time hes gonna be abused by the FHF.

HF33: Toko? E2K4? (Euro 2004) Not Chelios?

HF10: Greek Lightning? Zorba the Hab? The Ghost of Kris Kontos? Zeus? Apollo? Achilles? (as in, our Achilles is having dudes like Kotsopoulus patrolling our fourth line)?

By the way, if this blog requires serious, well-thought out stuff, I'm out.

HF33: Achilles. I love that.


david santos said...

Thanks for you work and have a good day

Anonymous said...

How about the Greek wrath? Leonidas on ice?

Big Brother said...

Are you just gonna end up calling him Tommy Boy?

Also I am surprised. Am I the only one to refer to Andrei K as Epilepsya?