Saturday, September 11, 2010

It's an old-fashnioned weekend open thread of love

Top of the morning lads and lasses! How y'all doing? 2 days 'til rookie camp (LIW does a nice job profiling the invitees). A mere one week until actual camp. Swoon.

You know what caught my eye this morning? The lead story on RDS was highlights of a QMJHL game. Of course, it was because Louis Leblanc was playing in it. This kid is so fucking screwed. If they're leading off with his Q games, what will RDS do if he actually plays on the Habs some day? It's not just the Franco media - the Gazette profiled him prior to the game. The expectations that we heap on this kid to be the next home town superstar are going to kill him. The media should lay off if they want to him to have a chance. BTW, TNextFS had 6 SOG, 1 assist and a terrible giveaway that led to an opposing goal and his team lost. C'mon Louis!

Lap dance to moe for finding Mario Tremblay's first scribes for RDS. Le Bleuet was kind of dull to be honest. I enjoyed his "don't be negative" about the loss of Jaro line and his plea to let it see how it plays out. You don't know RDS readers Mario.

We've generally ignored the alleged imminent return of the Nordiques around here. Can someone explain to me why it's now such a hot topic? I can't go 5 minutes without there being another rumour, discussion, email from a friend about the alleged imminent return of the Nordiques. What's changed? They're still probably too small a market in the NHL's eyes, they still don't have an arena, and Gary Bettman is still in charge. Fine, Charest said this week he's ready to pay for part of the arena, but that's just politics. Hockey is politics in Quebec? That's un-possible! Get over it people, the Battle of Quebec is dead. We'll always have the memories.

Plenty of non-hockey stuff this weekend. ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL??? Here's a gallery of body-painted football babes to help you, uh, get ready, for the NFL opening weekend. U.S. Open finals go this weekend, so here's a gallery of U.S. Open babes to get you ready for that. I'm sensing a theme here. All good movie recommendations and recipes welcome as always in TWOTOL.

Since this TWOTOL is also Sexy Saturday, let's close this up with a lap dance to 25Stanley; their ability to find pics of hockey players and porn stars is unmatched in the hockey blogosphere. Danny boy, if you're gonna go out with Gina Lynn (seriously NSFW oh yeah!) order something besides Bud Light, would you? Have a good one kids, let's hear what you love.


B B said...

Wonderful timing by the New York Times this week for running the story about public funding sports arenas. Quebec City is behind Hamilton and Winnipeg in the pecking order for Canadian expansion (and we know how much Bettman's behind this idea). The upside, however, is RDS may now focus all their attention to the slight given to the Francophone population by the league.

And my WayBack Machine, set to 1994, allowed me to hear the Quebec government say they were not going to dump public funds into Le Colisee regardless of threats by the Nords.

Number31 said...

Winnipeg first! There's a big fucking black hole in the middle of the map and Winnipeg is right on it. The travel West wouldn't be so tough if there was that stopping point. Also, that bazillionaire Thompson actually knows how to run an enterprise, actually wants to fund it himself, doesn't want public money, and it's the fucking Jets! The Queen's portrait hangs over them as they play!

Laughing how Pelladeau doesn't want to drop a cent into building the new money pit arena, yet wants to reap all the benefits I'm sure. And lol to the people who think Tampa Bay is automatically going to set sail north eh? The Bolts just got a new owner who actually wants them.

And now we wait for Habs tickets. Pretty please? I love how the Videotron guy came to upgrade my modem just before the Waiting Room of Doom opened. Lucky!

J.T. said...

Hey, isn't Briere married with little kids? Surely a hockey player of his stature wouldn't be whoring around like that, right? He's much too classy...that pic must be 'shopped.

orangeman said...

WooT! Just got tix to a game in October! It's against NJ so I'll bring a sleeping mask and pillow and I think the seats are somewhere near Rene Levesque and Peel behind a giant pole, but I stand by my "WooT!". it October yet?

Ben Dugas said...

Thread of love related - I got to meet PK yesterday.
I work at Kobo - an eBook retailer. I was in the office all day and my boss had been at this booth we had set up to give out readers to TIFF people.
So then he sends an e-mail out asking if someone could bring him down a redbull and that Weekes and Subban were in the room. Everyone else was like "Who are Weekes and Subban? What were they in?" and I was running out the door with the redbull.
Anyways, I got to meet both of them briefly. Some guy they were with was about to tell me who they were and I cut him off, saying "you don't need to tell me who these guys are." I told PK that we were counting on him for Rookie of the Year.
Weekes seemed pretty excited about the reader. PK was every bit as cool/friendly as you'd expect.
The funny thing is that I thought I would have been completely uninterested in meeting/spotting any TIFF celebrities.

Flying Toaster said...

So i jumped on the first Habs/Sens game i saw available (Since my friend who lives in Montreal is a Sens fan, and i'm from Gatineau so it makes sense).

Unfortunately i didn't realize it was a preseason game until AFTER i bought them. Oh well!

Anyway gonna be at the Bell Center on September 24th?

Number31 said...

I got the Hawks! Last game of the season O_O

Anonymous said...

Briere does have 3 kids but is divorced. But looking at this pic, it may not be for long