Monday, September 20, 2010

The Morning Skate for Monday, September 20th

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of winning the Manning Bowl...
  • Louis Leblanc! Louis Leblanc! Louis Leblanc!!!!
  • Puck Daddy's preview series gets to the Habs. Despite the stupidity of the short jokes, he actually seems overly generous with his grades and optimism;
  • TSN's preview series gets to the Habs too. Did you know the Habs "stunned the hockey world" when they sent Jaro to the Blues? Me neither;
  • Sabres unveil their new uniforms. While the blue of the third jersey is hideous (at least in that picture), the return of what looks like a classic Sabres logo on the home and aways is a welcome change from the futuristic pointy humpback sperm thingy.
Your RDS highlights this morning have Louis Leblanc!... getting outplayed by other people.


moeman said...

Its not a futuristic pointy humpback sperm thingy, its Barney's hair.

Anonymous said...

Steve Said : Louis want to go to Spain when he gets some money.

Biggest scoop of the day, Leblanc will be named Habs Captian in residence.

Buffalo Uniiforms as cheap and ugly as the team, but you have to admit Buffalo has done a fine job of training talent for real major pro cities.

No where did I see Puck Daddy saying PFK will win the Norris so what this over optimistic shit about?

L Dude said...

Bob McKenzie said the Sabres logo looked like a muskrat with a combover. Excellent description I thought.

2 sleeps til a 'hockey game'. Wow. It's like Christmas. Or Channukah. Or various.

Mike Schwartz said...

From an Aston Villa blog I was just reading..

"What is it with this rubbish on the wingers swapping sides ?? It is total pants, never works and for yesterday both are far more productive on their real side, STOP IT !!"

Using pants. As an adjective. I love it.

FHF is total pants!

Arazi13 said...

Have you guys considered having a contest or something (for bragging rights) where all your readers can submit some 3rd jersey logo alternatives for the HABS? would be cool to see what they can come up with.....


Anonymous said...

Araz - who could possibly top the barber pole