Wednesday, September 15, 2010

That's TMS 3 days in a row!

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of Ines Sainz' ass in your locker room...
  • RDS' report from rookie camp talks Olivier Fortier. Did you know he's francophone?
  • Speaking of the Habs and francophones...
  • Carbo on RDS is like a dream come true? A nightmare?
  • It's official - shootout wins will no longer count in the tie-breaking formula. Now if only they wouldn't count in the standings we'd be getting somewhere;
  • Sheldon Souray has been banned from Oilers camp. More tactfully, "not invited." I'm sure soem female FHF readers would be pleased with an invite to Habs camp;
  • Ducks sign Bobby Ryan to a 5 year, $25.5 mill (roughly) deal. Ch-ching!
Who's up for some terribly edited RDS video that won't work again? Here's Carbo talking about RDS. Maybe he's reporting that their embed function doesn't work. All hail the RDS hypno-circle!


Chester said...

Shit I just love the circle ... it never stops ...

Le Douze said...

Woo, hoo! TMS! Baaaby! Three days in a row!

Nice ass on that Ines sportsbabe ... whoops, sorry, was I just an MCP? Anyway, I never realized that football players who had just spent the last few hours bashing other football players might even notice a willowy babe in tight jeans in their locker room, much less make inappropriate comments. Live and learn.

B B said...
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B B said...

@Chester: It's part of that Federalist plot to rid Canada of Francophones...

1st it's no NHL in QC, then no Frenchmen with the Flying Frenchmen, followed by my keyboard not working regularly, and lastly, RDS being kept from the latest technology or commentators with a lick of sense

moeman said...

I'm hipmoetized!

GoldenGirl11 said...

Been meaning to ask, how was Cake?

moeman said...


Here is what I posted the morning after on facebook;
"Best concert ever attended. 2 feet from the stage, 2 great friends rockin' out hard,
2 long sets, 2 encores, 2 much fun, never 2 many gorgeous gals, 2 good to be true,
oh wait, it happened, Thanks CAKE."

New album comes out Jan 12th 2011. They played 3 cuts from it. Its gonna rock.
Did I mention the Gorgeous Gals?

the Maritimer said...

Hey GG!, are those jeans on Ms. Sainz' derriere photoshopped or just painted on?

Aye Caramba!!!

soperman said...

The hypocircle worked! My boss came into my cube and she left thinking she was a chicken!

Now if she would only stop clucking.

J.T. said...

Well, I wouldn't have Shelly at the Habs camp. His defence is much too iffy and his salary much too undeserved. But if he wants to come to MY camp, he's MORE than welcome. I'll even cook him a nice lasagna when he's finished "working out." :D

Anonymous said...

Steve said : PFK has put on 7 KG of muscle in the off season, holy he is going to be breaking fucking limbs all season.

Hockey fans definitely have an ass gap with football.

Chester said...

That circle ... it's some kind of mind-fuck that's for sure. I'm ready for an acid flashback.

moeman said...

Methinks the spinning cercle is an RDS plot to assimilate us.

In other news, will Whitney become the 'Master Chef' tonight?

Here is a morsel;

Moey said...

The Oilers are on the hook for the next two years of Shelly's salary so why can't he make cameo appearances on the PP for us for free? Is there some silly law against that? It sounds perfectly logical to moi.

orangeman will sign in when the goddamn season starts said...

You have got to stop it with these hypno-circles. The last thing I remember from last night is reading this blog then waking up this morning on my livingroom floor half naked with a hammer in my hand and glitter in my hair.

@moeman: I like Cake, I was thinking of going to that concert but it didn't work out. Glad to hear their new album should be good.

moeman said...

"oddsmakers have gotten into the choice of the Canadiens captain, guaranteed by GM Pierre Gauthier to be announced before the first game of the season.

Says Brian Gionta a 2-3 choice to wear the C. Andrei Markov is 7-2, Michael Cammalleri is 4-1, Josh Gorges is 15-2 and the field is 7-2."

15-2? Man that sounds like a 1970s Habs vs. leaf score.

Also, CAKE in Montréal!!! O-man was never there, fuck.

moeman said...

BR se souviens and slips on his bleu et blanc hood and says his fears were justified. Mon Dieu!

Note, like the entire pro-Diques media, he never once tells the true story about how the Diques owners bailed and ca$hed out. In BR's worried mind and wagging tongue, the Nationale team was lost. Sure. Now they want to cash in on the taxpayers dime. Oh Çanada!

Like any good pure wooler BR takes shots at the Anglo Molsons and the anti-Québecois CH. Also, did you know Irving Grundman managed bowling alleys? No? BR does.

BR says the Diques use to teaCH the Habs a leçon and intimates that the survival of the hockey world needs the Diques, or else! Lance et Manque.

What a dique.

moeman said...

When you catCH some RDS, wear some protection and remember that their luc 'chez nous uber alles or else' gélinas said (and he qualifies it with Habs fans being dissatisfied with the CH, aka 'legrandclub' see the URL);

Se ranger derrière les Blues, prendre pour le Lightning ou attendre le retour des Nordiques en maudissant Pierre Gauthier.

Word for word translation;

1. Backdoor St. Loo
2. Strap-on Tampa
3. Rub one out with the image of Louise Beaudoin

Get some Bounty, its the quicker, picker, upper;

Number31 said...

Watching the spinning circle...all I can think of is Octopus Ink from the TMNT cartoon show. Queen of Geekdom, right here guys!

Souray should turn his current career problems into a new reality soap opera. Someone needs to get the CBC on this, now! It'll get real interesting when he's forced to swallow his pride and play for the Oklahoma City Barons. He could sing too. Or just stare into the camera like the beautiful man he is *ahem*