Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Morning Skate is cutting you for Tuesday, September 21

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of getting celebrity justice...
  • The Habs have made their first roster cuts of the pre-season. Given we've never heard of any of those players, we guess it doesn't really matter;
  • CHicken put on a few pounds in the off-season. More thigh meat for everyone!
  • TSN has huge giant video of Halak winning in the playoffs as one of their top hockey minutes from last year. It's like their taunting Habs fans;
  • Our old friend Grabs needs a lawyer;
  • The Whale returns!!!!
WARNING: 12 minutes of l'antiCHambre video ahead. If you make it to the end, you're a better person than us.


soperman said...

Teaser! I was expecting a picture of a fat Carey Price when you wrote "The Whale returns".


L Dude said...

OK,I don't really want to defend him, but Grabovski is obviously a target because of his salary (and he's a douche).
So the scenario is there's a bunch of drunks in a bar. I'm liking this so far. Drunk dude with the Habs jersey makes a smart ass comment to Grabs (who deserves it, but still...), brawl ensues. Cool so far. Then you admit (claim) to have been KO'd by Grabovski?! You kiddin' me? And the mrs. takes one in the face from him too? And, to be clear, you're admitting this? Sure he didn't ass rape you as well and shoot his load all over the mrs, ruining her Jimmy Choo shoes and Fendi handbag? (edit: is Fendi still 'in'?)

C'mon dude, no money is worth admitting getting the crap beat out of you by the mulleted one. OH, AND HE HAD A BROKEN WRIST. So he fuckin' killed you with one hand? Jeezus H CHrist. You're fuckin' lame. Hand in your jersey. Asswipe.

dwgs said...

What L Dude said.
Also, I don't know what kind of evil Meth-inspired coding you've included in the page but you've been crashing Firefox on my work pc the last two days. I'm forced to post this in Exploder, ick.

HabsFan29 said...

@dwgs - I blame Flash. the latest Flash and certain FFoxes are not working well together. and with all the RDS video ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNO-CIRCLE there is a bunch of Flash on the page. i feel your IE pain. Chrome maybe?

dwgs said...

Don't have the power to install software on the work machine, not even the latest Flash but thanks for the explanation.

Chester said...

I agree with L Dude, I don't think whining about being traumatized c/w a personality morph by a one armed Belarusian fucktard enhances your C'hi. That's embarrasing enough. Never mind the fact that he smacked your wife in the face and there are no immediate serious life threatening operations performed on the little bucket mouth. Hey buddy, go home, rethink your life.

Anonymous said...

Steve Said : I am done with Gravol, I live near Toronto and he is always on TV out of the play skating like the wind after the whistle goes. And he get Big Tits all mad when he talks about Little Tits all alone.

If only the drunk had moved in front of the a net, Gravol would not have touched him.

Chicken should learn how to speak french quick, its great for the mental part of the game.

Hartford Sperm Whales, they will sell way more ripoff

Bill 101 said...

@LDude - harsh, but right on.

One more sleep till not-Habs play not-Bruins!

oh oh, Leafs still unbeaten!

Orangeman is too good to log in for the preseason said...

they're. It's like they're tauting Habs fans.

You can take the English teacher out of Korea but you can take the murderous rage out of the...guy...who...does...what? You get the point.


Number31 said...

I made it to 3 seconds. That's enough for me me.

HEY! Phaneuf still has no eyebrows. What's that C stand for? Crrrrrap?

zdog said...

@Bill 101

The suckage begins. Warms the cockles of my heart it does.