Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Morning Skate for Thursday, September 23rd

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of Katy Perry's tits on Sesame Street...
  • Well, it's really not so much that the Habs lost a pre-season game 4-2, it's the turmoil it will cause. TFS lets in 4 goals on the first eight shots he faced. He's booed. He's mocked. He doesn't meet the media after the game. The season is a disaster already. Overreact much? On the plus side, the kids (Palushaj, Tinordi, even LL) played well, as did Pleks, and we totally outshot them;
  • The Laffs got revenge on the Sens for their opening game disatster;
  • The Oil open their pre-season with a win over the 'Nucks, proving that pre-season is irrelevant;
  • Pens open the Consol Energy Center (zippy name!) with a win;
  • MYFO gets to the Habs in their celebrity preview series.
OK uh, "highlights".


Anonymous said...

steve said : Fuck the 2010 season hopefully next year will be better.

L Dude said...

Know what hurts most about that loss? The sky. I'm tellin' ya - that shit hurts. Minding my own business walking to work, reading some press about the game and BAM! Fucking sky fell right on my head. Goddammit!

beahabsfan said...

I think most poeple should take a pill.
as if the city's reaction is goign to help Price get better.
If I werwe him, I'd tell them all to go fuck themselves, ask to be traded to another team and proceed to make all the critics swallow their words.
I am not too mature to enjoy a good nyenyenyenye

Cornelius Hardenbergh said...

So that Patrice Bergeron kid...pretty alright, yeah?

Habsfan10 said...


Somebody call me when the real bullets start flying. Fucking preseason and the asshole brigade is gonna go off the deep end. Go fucking have another love-in for Kovy in front of the Bell Centre and STFU, wherever you are (since most of them don't come here.)

E said...

f being a Habs fan is a religion, then those losers who booed Price last night are fundamentalist terrorists.

Chester said...

Hey ya know, people should just back the fuck of TFS. I mean really, he saved over 50% of the shots those frikken Beaners took. Thats like more than half ... ya thats it.

soperman said...

Saying Price is not playing well is a pretty severe over-reaction. About as bad as McSplooge and the TSN sploogies crowning the Laffs as contenders last night. (I guess they are ignoring the 5 - 0 loss from Tuesday night.)

Keep your composure people. It is the PRE-SEASON! Price is fragile enough without the fans crapping out on the season before it starts. TSN showed a soft goal he let in about every 16 seconds. I think they actually broke away from the game the were broadcasting to show it again in case some viewers only saw it 16-fucking-million times.

marcintouch said...

Oh come on, this is ridiculous. I'm not just a fan of the Canadiens, as a season ticket-holder and souvenir buyer, I'm a fucking sponsor of the Canadiens, and I'm being made to feel bad about myself because I have the unmitigated gall to understand hockey and I have the cheek to muse out loud that the Emperor (read: TFS) might just have no clothes?

From the second the goals started raining in last night (and yes, I was there), I knew that I was going to get yelled at. I didn't boo Price, I didn't start chanting "Jaro, Jaro, Jaro," but I was displeased, and it was, despite the best efforts of the team and the media to convince me otherwise, an informed displeasure.

Actually, scratch that. Neither the team nor the media made any effort to convince me, they just wagged a finger at me and lectured me. I haven't seen one informed opinion about Carey Price's actual athletic ability, physical or mental, that explains the team's unwavering faith in him in a very long time, because there has been no evidence to go on.

They gave us Jaroslav Halak last year, a player who actually performed the job he was hired to do beyond the expectations of his millions of "employers," took him away seemingly arbitrarily, and then castigated us for being frustrated by it.

With all due respect to Mike Cammalleri and Tomas Plekanec (who, incidentally, have also performed the jobs we hired them to perform), I don't appreciate being punished for knowing at least enough about professional hockey to have legitimate questions about the direction the management is taking with the team. With all due respect to RDS and The Gazette, who deem it necessary to remind me that it was a meaningless pre-season game as if I hadn't been supporting the team religiously since the 1970s, I don't appreciate being labeled as an emotional reactionary.

The fact is that Jacques Martin choosing to start Carey Price for the first period of the first game of the era in which Price is the anointed #1 goaltender was a symbol, and it was up to Carey Price to make a good first impression on the fans who are justifiably skeptical about his ability to backstop this team (who otherwise, to a man, played well last night), and who were understandably bewildered about the team's discarding of Halak. Price made an abysmal first impression by standing still for four goals on eight shots, and then an even worse second impression, when he refused to step up and acknowledge that last night was an anomaly and that he would be better as things went on.

So yes, I'm panicking, but not because this is a pre-season game, or because I am an emotional, immature hater, but because this has been years and I just don't see it. Ribeiro wasn't a dud, he just couldn't make it happen here. Same goes for Latendresse. Maybe Price is what some say he is, maybe he can't be that person here.

I know the Canadiens aren't listening, but if they are, for the last time: THE FANS ARE NOT THE PROBLEM. THE GOALIE IS THE PROBLEM.

E said...

Let us leave mid season type shit fits for the mid season. People who are writing paragraphs about how much they know about hockey by bringing up examples of Ribeiro and Latendresse, two guys who by showing they could not make it here, are pretenders because good players can make it anywhere, should just take a zoloft and keep their mouths shut until the regular season starts and their incessant bitching will be a little more acceptable.
Price will bounce back, and all of this premature ejaculation will be condemned as just that.

High Glove Side said...

I think marc has a good point but its early still

marcintouch said...

...Aaaaaand that makes 1,001 people who have browbeaten me in the last 12 hours on how to be a Habs fan. I guess I just don't get it.

I genuinely hope that you're right, and that Price will "bounce back." Bounce back to what is another story, but as you say, we'll reconvene at midseason and by then I'm sure we'll all have more to say and more helpful instructions for each other on how and when we are allowed to say it.

When we bring hockey players to Montreal, we don't say: "come and play here because the fans will love you and hug you and kiss you in naughty places no matter what." We say: "if you call yourself a player, this is the place to prove it, because (as Jeff Halpern said in his first interview) there are 20,000 coaches in the stands every game, and at least several million other concerned expert analysts scattered around the world. We call them Habs fans."

E said...

"if you call yourself a player, this is the place to prove it, because (as Jeff Halpern said in his first interview) there are 20,000 coaches in the stands every game, and at least several million other concerned expert analysts scattered around the world. We call them Habs fans."
I am not a blind supporetr of Price, he has not bee the starting goaltender we need. I agree with you there, but I find it somewhat hypocritical to back the buffoonery that was shown last night and then defend a guy like Mike Ribeiro and say "he just couldn't make it here, but wasn't a dud". If you feel that way about two other players I just find it puzzling that you support the shelling of another guy who might be in the same boat when it is the regular season.

soperman said...

@ marcintouch

It is just a little early and there isn't quite enough data to make a rash assessment.

Bill 101 said...

after a morning of blog-trolling, I am compelled to edit a previous post:

"feels like the first day back at school"

delete 'school', insert 'daycare'

@LDude - again, you rock

@Cornelius - absolutely, Savard too.

Anonymous said...

Steve said : We gotta dance like a Cinnamon girl.

TFS needs love, look two of the goals cant be held against him, cause he was all alone against the shooter and who can stop those?

Seriously, lets give TFS total love for a least half the season, then if he is not progressing, fucking panic.

lawyergirl77 said...

@marcintouch - I was at the game last night too.

As I posted on Twitter, I didn't boo, I think the people who did suck, yadda yadda.

But, as a fellow season ticket holder, can I just give you a big old WORD AND FUCKIN A to both of your posts?

I am a Price fan. I was a Jaro fan too. I wanted them both to do well for my fucking team.
I had high hopes that Pricey had matured. The way he acted last spring was unbelievably encouraging.

The way he acted on and off ice last night did not. He was sulking on his stool again once he was out of the game. not cheering for goals etc. It was the Price I knew and loathed.

Honestly? I still have hope that this was only an aberration. But I'm worried it's not.

And, more importantly, I'm severely fucking worried about the fact that, once again, TFS has become the goddamned story for ALL THE WRONG REASONS. It's starting to become increasingly clear that his future here is limited. Breaks my heart 'cause I bet you anything he'll be a Conn Smythe winner... just, unfortunately, it's probably going to be somewhere else.

PROVE ME WRONG CAREY. Please. I want to believe!!

lawyergirl77 said...

For those saying we have to wait until midseason before panicking.

I agree. Panic = trade. We certainly aren't there yet. But this isn't his first season in the NHL. To use terms Price would understand - it ain't his first rodeo.

I also fully understand that the kid is 22 years old and that he needs to mature. Goalies only hit their stride in their mid-late-20s (St. Patrick being the exception that proves the rule).

Manning up after the game and meeting the jackals would have gone a LONG way to shutting me the fuck up today. Would have been a great way to change the narrative. Unfortunately, he didn't. He let his teammates tell the fans to STFU.

I guess I just thought/hoped he was going to man up and I'm disappointed he didn't.

chris nilan said...

fuck all yall.

the one thing i hate most about being a habs fan is habs fans.

horrible thing is that price will go have great success somewhere else after getting out of the "pressure cooker" (aka impatient fans who call for your head if you don't immediately live up to expectations, unless you name has an accent eh goo in it.)

fuckin fuck huh?

lawyergirl77 said...

@nilan - Frankly, I actually think that this would be WORSE if he were French Canadian.

But, what the fuck do I know, apparently I'm part of the problem.

Chester said...

I'm not a big critic but you know I don't think TFS has ever looked comfortable in the Uniform or in the Building. St Patrick owned the friggin place, Carey looks like he's just waiting to move on. Could be wrong, just a feeling ...

lawyergirl77 said...

See? I wish Carey would have said this last night.

I certainly would have laughed and shut the fuck up (for now).

As it stands, I'm laughing and I'm hoping he's right... but the doubts won't go away. :(

b said...

Poor Grover. Overstimulation.

Le Douze said...

I missed the first few minutes, but from when I started watching, everyone seemed like they were running around, turning the puck over, etc., including the great white hope, Louis Leblanc. Yeah, Carey didn't look great, but everyone else looked nervous too, at least to me.

At some point everyone just settled down and it looked good. Now the question is whether that related to Carey's departure ... last year Carey didn't get as much goal support as Jaro, so hopefully it's not a team confidence issue.

Anyway, after the B's last goal, nos boys looked pretty great except one really bad shift in the third. So I'm not panicking. If TFS can't get his shit together, there are other options. If the rest of the team is out to lunch, that's tougher to fix.

Anonymous said...

Steve said: Lawyer girl quit linking to chinese, I cant read those funny characters

Moey said...

One thing is for sure, if this booing and mocking shit doesn't stop Price will not stay in Montreal. Did anyone hear what Gill had to say? His message was loud and clear. That bullshit is affecting the team, not just Price. Basically he also said if your a fan support the team, if not then fuck off. (Okay,the fuck off was me.)

dwgs said...

Oh, sorry, I was looking for FHF, I seem to have wandered into HI/O. Carry on, I'll see myself out.
Bruins fellate donkey dicks with great enthusiasm and abandon.
(And I'm still on the fence about the whole thing but at least marcintouch makes a cogent argument)
Jesus I just used the word 'cogent' on the strippers and meth blog.

Darksyde said...

I honestly feel bad for Carey. He gets drafted high, then was essentially told, "Here you go, kid. Be the Chosen One, and save us all."
What a mind fuck.
Hans fans seem to have a selective memory when it comes to their team. Rare were the occasions where a goalie did it all. Even while getting incredible performances by goalies like Dryden and St.Patrick, they were supported by a very good, if not great team in front of them. Until recently, our support for our goalies have been downright shit. We haven't had CONSISTANTLY good players, with the exception being Markov, for a long time.
Has Carey had a hard time recently? Yes, no doubt. Did he receive goal support last year? No. Did Halak outplay him last year? Yes. Yet for all the crap we're piling on Price for being sub-par, he still has managed to put more wins together than Brodeur did by his age. But let's give up now, right?
One question: Who are we gonna get in return? We can't laud his potential to garner a better trade, while shitting on him and saying he sucks. Best case scenario is we get a marginally better goalie and a low draft pick. Reality, here, folks.
The contract is short. If he sucks as bad as some are saying, well, we can look forward to some nice, high draft picks.
Have faith, and support Carey. Anything else is being a dick for the sake of being a dick. Besides...he may surprise you yet.

GoldenGirl11 said...

Speaking of pressure cooker I have chicken and rice going in the croc pot but it's going way too slow and synagogue is over at 7:15.

moeman said...

Price'll be fine.

orangeman said...

@marcintouch: Price could hijack a plane full of nuns and fly it into a pile of baby pandas while denying the Holocaust and people around these parts will hunt your family down if you so much as raise an eyebrow. Don't get me wrong, these comments are populated by wonderful people but, like my dad with gay marriage, some people are set in their ways and it's best to just smile and nod when they go on about an alternate universe where they apparently live.

But, like family, we're all Habs fans and we're stuck together. Might as well focus on what brings us together rather than what pulls us apart.

For example, do you guys remember how Boston blew a 3-0 series lead, only to blow a 3-0 game lead in game 7 and last spring? Goalies come and go, but that my friends, is FOREVER.

moeman said...

orangeman knows, we are family. BTW, did anyone else notice that oman likes to type the word blow?

In positive news; “It’s a dream come true (playing in Montreal). To play in a city where everyone always talks hockey, it’s tremendous. To put on that jersey was an amazing feeling.” – Montreal Canadiens centre, Jeff Halpern

AND tomorrow is Sexy Friday!!! GG work your magic. oman, get some towels.

Yes but can she cook?

GoldenGirl11 said...

The funniest part of that interview was that the Chabad mobile spotted Halpern and hijacked him to bench lulav and etrog. Cammalleri was seen running away. Natalie Portman saw the whole ugly episode and was not impressed.

moeman said...

Yes GG but would Mme Portman be impressed with 29 and/or would she tell him to eat a little something. 29, you are welcome in advance.

HabsFan29 said...

Natalie Portman is my (mother's) dream girl

GoldenGirl11 said...

If Portman's first love is Jerusalem and she is a graduate of Harvard then there is one thing that I'm sure of. It would be a family decision whether 29 was for her or not.

The Portman's should be so lucky to have the 29's as their machatonim so eat up, 29.

moeman said...

I ♥ Natalie Portman.

So 29 is a meCHuten or the meTHuten?

HabsFan29 said...

I ♥ Natalie Portman too, but off that list I'll take Bar Rafaeli thank you very much

moe your hebrew is way better than mine

moeman said...

"I ♥ Natalie Portman too, but off that list I'll take Bar Rafaeli thank you very much

I agree or both!

GoldenGirl11 said...

Nothing cooler than a woman who knows how to use an Uzi.

dwgs said...

Orangeman it's great that you're so cool with your dad's gay wedding. You're a good son.

the Maritimer said...

Worst case scenario: Carey Price becomes Montreal's version of Tuuka Rask. Think the Leafs would like that trade back? Are you allowed to wear ear plugs during the game?

Flying Toaster said...

I'm off to Montreal tommorow. Thank God Carey Price won't be in goal that night... I swear if anyone started to boo you'd probably see my face on evening news for going on a murderous rampage. I've had it with the Halak/Price debate and with Halak gone we're STILL not done with it!

I'm considering switching over to be a sens fan... But then Cammalleri wins my heart again <3