Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mazel tov and alif mabrouk to HF4 and the newly-minted Mrs. HF4

We are pleased to welcome the newest member of the extended FHF family. The gorgeous and wonderful Mrs. HF4 was wed to our own HF4 in an epic ceremony and party last night in Montreal that Panger and I were lucky enough to attend. Peace in the Middle East was achieved.

Can I say two words about the wedding? The hors d'oeuvres were fantastic. There was a rack of lamb station for hors d'oeuvres. If that wasn't enough, there was a Peking duck station. For hors-fucking-d'oeuvres!!! What a time to be alive.

Oh yeah, best of luck to the new couple, yada yada. This leaves yours truly as the only bachelour HF. One last chance, ladies.


Moneypuck said...

We lost a good man to the dark side.

GoldenGirl11 said...

I'm sure it was that moment that every girl waits for. That first time you're called Mrs. Blog Nickname.

Now I wish I had waited the 20 years to get married. I coulda been Mrs. Ob(Gyn)Kanobi !מזל טוב

Anonymous said...

You guys here are all a bunch of bookworm geeks!

Never played sports in your life!

Jocks rule!

HFF33 aka Panger said...

Um, anon: are you high or just stupid? What does this have to do with HF4's AWESOME wedding? To paraphrase Barney Frank, talking to you is less interesting that talking to a dinner table.

I echo 29's take on the appies and would add the dinner and desert table were great too. Mrs. Panger, as she is proudly know to some, agrees.

L Dude said...

Back from vacation. Work still sucks. No hockey. 38 fucking days!
Oh yeah. Congratulations on getting married dumbass.

lawyergirl77 said...

Mazel Tov, HF4!!! Although the first comments I got were about the amazing food at your wedding, tell Mrs. 4 that I hear that the ceremony/location etc. were beautiful and that she was stunning.

Trust me, chicks dig that. You'll get goo-goo eyes for your efforts!

Anonymous said...

Love the wedding dress.