Thursday, August 06, 2009

TMS toys with Jimmy Balls for Thursday, August 6th

Hamilton is beautiful this time of year

So it looks like Jim Ballsillie's bid to get a team to Hamilton ain't dead yet. Yesterday, the bankruptcy court judge ruled that all bids for the 'Yotes would be accepted for the September 10th auction. That includes the bid of RIMjob king Jimmy Balls and its qualification that the team go to Hamilton. NHL puppet Bill Daly was quoted as saying "We also remain confident that Mr. Balsillie's bid for the team will never be approved by the court for a variety of reasons, including that we just don't like him."

Watching the NHL and especially Gary Bettman squirm until September 10th is gonna be awesome.


moeman said...

Hamilton ain't all bad cuz "The Tim Hortons chain was founded in 1964 in Hamilton". Also, Sergio Momesso grew up there.

Michael said...

Sergio Momesso is from NDG. His family runs a famous sub shop on Upper Lachine Road.

Sonia said...

@moeman - You're probably thinking of ex-Alouette Andriano Belli, the "Kissing bandit". Sergio is a Montrealer, born & bred.

KRaZykeV said...

Fuckface Bettman is just a puppet for the owners, and the owners all want Jimmy Balls' money, they just want MORE of it for them in the form of an expansion fee!

moeman said...

I know Sergio was born in Montreal but I thought he spent a part of his upbringing in Steeltown.

WV = ralersh, as in sometimes I need to do more ralershing before commenting.

Also, its Pre-Sexy Friday!

yvresgyros said...

Talking about the beauty of Hamilton, when do you guys write a post, why not a pro and con argue-fest about moving the Bulldogs to Verdun or something of the sort. Revenues would be through the roof. Exposure of youngsters might be harsh.
Interesting topic nonetheless.
I bet the Dogs would sell out the Bell too.