Friday, August 14, 2009

Sexy Friday is on vacation in 3,2,1...

Nothing, and I mean nothing, going on hockey-wise this morning. Wait, is Michael Vick signing with the Eagles a hockey story? Guess not. Seems like a good time to take a vacation, so we're outta here. This post is TMS, Sexy Friday and TWOTOL all rolled into one.

So yours truly is off to the land of the 56k modems for the a week of chillin'. HF10 and Panger have your back next week, as HF4 will be busy getting ready for his bachelor party wedding.

Oh btw, this is Bar Rafaeli on the set of the 2010 SI Swimsuit Issue. The Superficial has the whole set. Here's another one for you to enjoy throughout the day and weekend. Seacrest out.

Sexy Friday as always copyright KSK

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Tom said...

Rumour had Heatley going to the Wild for a package that includes Mikko Koivu.

That's about all the hockey stuff going on.