Wednesday, August 05, 2009

TMS looks forward to JR's broadcasting career

Jeremy Roenick will announce his retirement tomorrow. We had a whole missive about how we're gonna miss the quotes, the style, the personality, and sure, even his on-ice skillz. Then we found the pic above. Says it all.

We'll see you in the broadcast booth, JR. It's where you belong.


Sleepy said...

Is J.R. becoming more effeminate?

J.T. said...

I always thought he was gay, but I guess he's got a wife and kids. He's definitely in touch with his inner chick though. Either way, he'll be fun in the broadcast booth.

wv: buccu. JR doesn't go for dudes, but he wouldn't buccu off either.

Melly said...

I cannot really hear what Jeremy says because I've got my two Stanley Cup rings plugging my ear.

Chuck said...

Woody Harrelson will play J.R. in the eventual made-for-TV movie about his career.