Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Morning Skate for Wednesday, August 19

Bullet points while you ponder what it would be like to be the most hated man in Wisconsin ...
  • Patrick Marleau out as Sharks captain ... Eklund has aneurysm trying to figure out nine-team deal that nets the Habs Marleau and Briere, Sharks Heatley, Sens Penner/Smid/Schremp/Gagner, Canucks Pleks/Little Tits/Halak, Sabres Cheechoo and Ehrloff, Rangers the Sedins, Lightning Dubinsky and Staal, Oilers Malone and Drew Stafford, and Flyers cap relief;
  • Red Wings fill need for hated cheap-shot artist on the downside of his career by inking Todd Bertuzzi;
  • Toronto Sun calls new Team Canada jersey "too native", others just call it too dull or too expensive. TMS thinks they are all fucked in the head cause that jersey is awesome;

Got thoughts on the new Team Canada jersey? Got a deal that makes sense for getting Patrick "The Big Centre We Need" Marleau in a Habs jersey? Got tickets for the first time Colorado hosts Bertuzzi and the Wings? Let us know in the comments.


eyebleaf said...

It's a fucking jersey! Who cares? Only in Canada.

And I love the puck drop countdown. Can't wait until the Leafs fuck up the Habs.

Pension Plan Puppets said...

Of course the racist Sun called it "Too native". Dear God.

It's a lovely logo reminiscent of Canada's other Maple Leaf'd team :)

Habsfan10 said...

@ PPP:

"Canada's other Maple Leaf'd team ..."

You mean the Winnipeg Falcons? I do love that jersey.

Boob Gainey said...

I agree. It's a Leafs jersey.


lawyergirl77 said...

I like the new jersey. I think it's cool and doesn't break with the traditional look of a Team Canada jersey. I'm all for it. (and, God, not THAT expensive... have people checked the prices on NHL merchandise??)

The Sun makes me throw up.

And it doesn't look any more like a leafs jersey than the last one. Plus, the Laffs would never design something as inclusive as this one.

Bottom line - tis on my Xmas list! :)

GimmeShelter said...


Don't you mean we can't wait until the laffs fuck up!

My first post, couldn't resist

eyebleaf said...

I'm glad I brought you out of the woodwork. Even though it's a Habs blog, this place is the shit.

eyebleaf said...

Out of the woodwork? That makes no fucking sense. I am almost retarded. I think I meant out of the shadows.


Habsfan10 said...

@ eyebelef:

Out of the woodwork made sense to me, but then again I'm from Muskoka so there's a lot of people coming out of the woodwork. Usually carrying guns.

GimmeShelter said...


Beta169 said...

HF10 - Muskoka sounds quite a lot like Bell Buckle, Tennessee, where I was raised. Except it was coming out of the woodwork. Carrying a gun. With a deer strapped across the hood.

moeman said...

Our newly (still?) married lg77 knows.

Pension Plan Puppets said...

Plus, the Laffs would never design something as inclusive as this one.

Oh LG77 :( The Laffs? I expect so much more from you. Maybe next you'll use the equally witty Leaves? Please no.