Monday, August 03, 2009

New makes me dizzy

You pop over to for a couple of minutes to see if there is any hockey news and you're assaulted with a new design. It is not an improvement.

The beauty of a good redesign is that you simplify things, make it easier for the user to see what he wants. RDS has not accomplished this in any way or form. I loaded the page, and realised I have no fucking clue what to do next. That's not a good sign.

And the one thing they could have done to help a blogger out was to have embeddable videos. They do not. Hey. it's not like it's 2009 or anything. Ooh, but look, there's a shiny little star effect behind the RDS logo. That'll make my life better.


James said...

It looks uncannily like in fact the design and framing is just about the same, only the color tints and content differs.

And that's not a good thing.

moeman said...

Yup RDS is knocking off an Anglo (although they are related) web site. TSN's is simpler but still too full of itself.

Also, 'WEB GEEK MONDAYS', since when?

HabsFan29 said...

'WEB GEEK MONDAYS', since when?

let's ask Al Gore

moeman said...

@ hf29, it's a Love Story.

Boob Gainey said...

It seems like ages since Gainey's signed a new player.

Come on Bob. We're bored.

Number31 said...

It's like TSN on le crack!

And there's still no volume control in their video section.

James said...

Also if you delve a bit deeper in the website (ie: follow links for the 'nouvelles' section), the further pages are still on the old layout. Way to go, champions!

Chuck said...

TSN and RDS are owned by the same conglomerate, so it's not surprising that their logos and websites (and ESPN's for that matter) look similar.