Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Drink up Habs fans! ~ Vodkov, 2 years, $11.5M (...) (or not)

Habs i/o.


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HF29 here. I have replaced the picture of the nice ass with these less nice words. Want to make it clear THERE IS NO DEAL. I was fooled by my own blog last night (in my defense I was drunk). On CJAD this morning they said they spoke to Vodkov's agent Don Meeghan and it's all bullshit. Point is, don't believe what you read on Twitter or what Tony Marinaro says.

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Please accept my apologies for getting marinaro sauce all over the FHF blog. ~ moeman


Mr. natural said...

Just remember Serge Savard, also looked like he would never be able to play without repeated injury and was a great D for many many years.

Ya gotta believe!

To all naysayers, this team was as good as most and I truly think that the way the playoffs unfolded, the Bolts would have been the only team to fear.

The regular season is meaningless all you need to do is make the playoffs, first or sixteenth means nothing.


the Maritimer said...

Nice ass!!

Anonymous said...

Tony Marinaro is a douche bag!!

Hadulf said...

Ok, enough is enough. We need to tank next season to get the first overall pick in the next draft.

Oilers will be fucking devastating in 3 years from now...with all them 1st picks.

chris nilan said...

as soon as a read "According to Tony Marinaro of the Team 990" i stopped.

don't understand how that guy has a job in radio.

Chester said...

OK how about this ref to Don Scarey


He is our National Embarrassment.

Hadulf said...

Can we have a Tony Marinaro Tracker (TMT(tm)) now?

Steve said...

I have no comment

HabsFan29 said...

@Steve - who are you, and what have you done with Steve?

moeman said...

Sorry kidz. Sad to see the ass leave.

HabsFan29 said...

moe I felt terrible deleting the really really really hot ass, but until we have something to actually celebrate, I felt it was out of place

moeman said...

Thx for being gentle 29. Giada says Ciao! ovenmitto.

Mr. natural said...

OK 29 that is unacceptable, now I shot my big fat mouth off at work, so tomorrow I will be an even bigger asshole than usual amongst my minions.

You should have added another ass instead of deleting that sweet one, you owe us that much at least for misleading us!

That is all.

Mr. n

P.S. who's the guy pretending to be Steve, you better PHuck off!

Number31 said...

Markov yes. Hamr no.

Sorry, thanks for all you've done Hamr...but it's time for us to see other players. Or, you know, use that money for Wiz and Weber and a backup goalie.

Does Pierre McGuire slag Lars Eller every fucking day?! What a fucktard. HE'S NOT A TOP6 FORWARD NOW YOU MORON HE'S JUST A ROOKIE! *kick*

Rookie said...

Is anyone else really terrified that Giada is going to kill them?