Monday, June 20, 2011

PatCHes scores a 2-year deal

Not too many pics of PatCHes out there not lying face down on the ice or being taken off on a stretcher, which we felt was inappropriate for this post. Good thing we found this pic of him molesting a goaltender instead.

The Habs have just announced that Get well PatCHes! has signed a 2-year contract before becoming a restricted FA. As per club policy, financial details were not disclosed. TSN then disclosed it's worth $3.25 million.

We have so many tasteless jokes to write but it just felt too early. Get well PatCHes!

... and DDD too!


moeman said...

Like PatCHes,, I'm happy!

Mr. natural said...

Now that's the way to kick off an week in the off-season!

Yay us!

Get well soon PatCHEs.

Steve said...

Just think how good a mentor Jager would be to Patches. A gritty grizzled ballerina and a kid picking himself up from what must go down in history as one of the worst hits of all time.

Remember Mr Molson "your baby loves to dance"

Steve said...

A million years from now when the Bell Centre is discovered by ancient civilizations they will find something like this about patches.

moeman said...

and David Desharnais to two-year contracts ... signs for $750,000 and $950,000.

moeman said...

Via i/o;

• Pacioretty has put on 10 pounds of muscle and says he’s faster than ever. After having suffered extreme fatigue for a few weeks after being concussed, he said he’s been in full training, 100 per cent, for the past two months.
• He says he continues to get “nasty stuff” through Twitter from some Bruins fans, who maintain his injuries were embellished as a member of the Bruins suggested. “It’s sad that people can feel that way,” he said, pointing out that Boston’s Nathan Horton was also concussed in the playoffs. “I would never say that (Horton) embellished his injury at all, I know exactly what he’s going through.”

Fucking broonz fans egged on by Dr. recchi. Sick fucks.

Steve said...

The Leafs with the worst special teams in the NHL man up with hard asses, HA HA HA, like they are going to win by being more merican.

the Maritimer said...

Looks like les Canadiens will have the exact same team as last year.

Really looking forward to a small, soft, has a hard time scoring goals team with a coach who loves to win 2-1 or 3-2.


Steve said...

@Maritimer yeah but, Boston won the cup with a team that plays the same fucking trap, but wears down the opposed by bashing instead of skating. FUCK why did Vancouver not win so we could have a new skills game/

Darksyde said...

To the Maritimer: The Goat isn't done yet. We'll see what happens come Game 1of next season. Until then...who knows? At least wait until after the draft!

And to the wonderful moeman: you should really consider putting a (tm) after your signature phrase, "Sick fucks."

Gods, I love this site!

And congrats to Patches and DDD!

the Maritimer said...

@Steve, I agree, Julien is cut from the same cloth as Chokula. I didn't watch any games after Montreal's elimination, so I'll take your word that the trap was employed.

@Darksyde, so far Gauthier has done nothing but re-sign the same players as last year and rumours suggest that he will sign the rest, keeping the team intact. Even when they were healthy (which wasn't often, grant you) they were a team that struggled to score 5 on 5. The draft? they are picking 17th as you know, so they will get either an NCAA defenceman who will play college hockey for the next 4 years or a "two way" forward from Junior who will play 2 more years there and another 1 or 2 in the AHL. Will Gauthier try to make a splash and move up to get Huberdeau or Couturier? Based on his record, highly unlikely. BTW, moving up 5 spots to grab Tinordi last year doesn't count.

So forgive me fellow FHF commenters, I don't see anything to get me excited for next season. I believe you will get exactly the same result as this season past. Finish 13th to 20th overall and if they are lucky enough to make the playoffs, lose 2-1 or 3-2 in OT and out in the first round.

Now, if Gauthier were to somehow delete Gomez off the roster, sign Brad Richards and Wiz20 and draft Huberdeau, my fucking head would explode from excitement.

First day of summer!!!! YAY!!

Steve said...

if anyone has a way around the Gazzete paywall please post.

Oh and buy a subscription is not the solution I seek.