Friday, June 17, 2011

Sexy Friday enjoys a good riot, not going anywhere

This pic was everywhere yesterday. I still think it's Photoshopped.

Oh, hello there. A fine Sexy Friday morning to you all. We hope you're all enjoying your Bruins win the Cup hangover. FUCK. Ugh. Anyway, season's over, bitCHes! Time to go outside and, um, do stuff? What do we know. Anyway, this is the second "we're not going anywhere over the summer" post we've written lately. But it is the first "TMS / Tweet this bitCHes is on sabbatical" post. Yes, that morning dude needs to recharge his batteries and sleep in every now and then. (Who are we kidding - at our age our prostate wakes us up every 2 hours. TMI?). So despite the fact that the highlight of our day is reading your insane yet brilliant comments, which is why we write the crap we do every day, we've got to warn you that those daily posts might vanish for the next little while. We'll keep tabs on Habs news (if any) of course and Sexy Friday runs 12 months a year, so no worries there. But if we don't post for a day or two every now and then, don't panic, and feel free to talk amongst yourselves in whatever the last post is. Or Steve can just talk to himself. We can't imagine him not commenting for a few hours, let alone a few days. We kid because we love, Steve.

OK enough site news. Let's get to the Habs news. (...) Hmmm. Not much. Vodkov negotiations and Jagr dreams is the best we can do. Is the draft soon or something?

Let's get to the sexy news. There's always sexy news. For you Game of Thrones fans (best show on TV right now), you may be interested to know a porn star is on the show now. Here's some Game of Thrones beefcake for the ladies. For you fans of hot chicks doing housework, Vanessa Hudgens is ironing in her underwear. For you fans of hot chicks in general, Minka Kelly is hot. Let's finish this off (heh, finish) with a new Candice Swanepoel (heh, pole) Victoria's Secret photo shoot. Happy Sexy Friday, and happy offseason everyone.


Cornelius Hardenbergh said...

Good morning and happy sexy friday, FHFers!

From your friend and favorite fan of the 2011 Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins.

That's not going to get old very soon.

moeman said...

It could be a worse day,
like say taking RIMshots to the head,
if you own Ballsilly's stock or
if you buzzed that Vodkov wants
to play with Dou$harek on da leaf.


... and ...

DIE 2011 Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins DIE!!!

soperman said...

awww Sexy Friday will keep us going through a long rainy summer. (at least it will be rainy if you live in Nouvelle Ecosse).

Le Douze said...

@Corney - so nice of you to stop by; we really appreciate your generosity of spirit around here. Do you visit any of the 'nucks blogs, too?

Le Douze said...

@29 - thx for the info re Game of Thrones' new actress. She does seem very willing - I had assumed it was acting, but maybe it's an innate talent. I think Peter Dinklage may be the best thing on the show, and he's certainly the most impressive dwarf I've yet seen on screen.

Steve said...

Cornelius Hardenbergh
The stars and the front office aligned for Boston, so enjoy your victory, it gives me explosive diarrhea. Next year there is no way Boston gets the push from Comcast, its going to be PHuctards, but Montreal can beat that team, the NHL discipline committee, and the whole Redneck NASCAR stratagem.
Nice of you to stop by and be such a good sport, as a hockey fan I am happy for you, and it will make next year even more interesting.

Moey said...

Took the high road and congratulated the Bruin's fan in the next office yesterday. It was really hard, so feel sorry for me 'kay? He brought in two boxes of celebratory donuts, I ate two. Does that make me a traitor?

moeman said...

@Moey, only if you ate the boston cream ones.

Anyone try the new banana Timbits yet?

Steve said...

@29 its going to be a long time till October for sure, I have taken up CHess and already lost two games to myself. If there were no Victoria Secrect, where would all the inspiring video come from?

Happy thought, sure we have the Mexicant, but the Nucks have Lou on a deal until 2050, there is a dumber GM than the GOAT in the NHL.(actually I dont mind the GOAT)

Habsfan10 said...

Hi Cornelius! Congratulations. Boston certainly won the games it had to and I hope you enjoy it.

As a favour to us, please punch yourself in the nuts, really really hard. Cause, you know.

Cornelius Hardenbergh said...

@Le Douze
pretty much the only nucks blog I went on was nucks misconduct and I said win or lose I wasn't going back after game 7 for at least a little while.

Plus, they're all busy rioting.

Montreal can absolutely beat the Bruins. You guys almost did, what, 3? 4? times in Overtime. But you didn't and we're champs now. Next year should be fun.

Glad to see you're still alive after Cam Neely and Milan Lucic and all your best friends lifted the Stanley Cup!

chris nilan said...

i live here in downtown van... here's a pic my friend took

Steve said...

@Chris Nilan
your the best man, happy summer!

chris nilan said...

better link

Moey said...


Are those the ones with chocolate on top and custard in the middle?


Steve said...

You know the saddest part about the Vancouver riots, they did not have THE CLASH as a soundtrack.

the Maritimer said...

If the Habs had to win a Cup the way Boston did, I wouldn't be going to Bruins chat room to brag about it. I'd be hanging my head in shame.

Jesus, that fucking bunch from Boston are a disgrace to hockey.

How many players did they cripple on the way to their "glorious victory" again? I lost count.

Le Douze said...

@chris nilan - amazing: sex and violence in one package. Thanks for sharing.

moeman said...

Oui Moey.

moeman said...

BB gone (no, not BlackBerry, yet, but Benoit Brunet). Calling the MD (no not Fuckface Dr. Recchi);

MaxPac is Wolverine said...

Nice eulogy/tribute piece over on Puck Daddy! The Bergeron line is fucking gold.

Cornelius Hardenbergh said...


I love you.

Your pal,

2011 Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins fan Cornelius

iRiRi said...

That Bruins "tribute" over @ Puck Daddy is gold. Very well done, 10!

Best part is (most of) the comments. In a good way surprisingly!