Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bienvenue, Anglophone FrenCH Guy! ( ... + )

With the 17th pick yesterday, the Habs took Nathan Beaulieu, an Ontarian whose dad is French but as this scouting report video proves, is as anglo as they come. He did play in the Q, so that's something for RDS. Though it was for one of those Maritime teams, so there's that. RDS may be confused this morning.

On the hockey side of things, by all accounts this was a good pick. Even McSplooge says (and I quote) "this is a good pick." OK then. He's big (though skinny) and mobile and offensive and defensive. He was a Memorial Cup All-Star. Sounds good, if we didn't already have 600 defensemen on the depth chart in front of him. Though admittedly in 2 or 3 years we may need some defensive depth. What do I know about hockey, I just post tits around here.

In other news, fuck Brian Bark and the Bs and the PHucktards.

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moeman here, Day 2 update;

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moeman said...

Welcome to the Habs kid.!/n8THEggr8

Moey said...

Heh. Moe. You beat me to it was just going to post his Twitter account. Love this tweet -

n8THEggr8 Nathan Beaulieu
To all MTL fans, my name in Beaulieu, but I can't speak french, but my plan is to learn asap

BB's head will explode.

Number31 said...

RDS is probably very confused which makes this pick even better! But he loves the media!

the Maritimer said...

Good morning all!

Been doing lots of reading this morning about young Mr. Beaulieu and I think most everybody is OK with this draft pick. I mean the Hockey News Draft Preview had him listed as 5th overall and he fell into Gauthier's lap, what's not to like.

As I mentioned last night I attend lots of Sea Dogs games and Nathan is a very good player. I'm not a professional scout by any means, but I can recognize talent when I see it. The previous season there were rumours at Christmas time that Beaulieu would be traded for a top end goalie and because his dad Jacques had been fired prior to the start of the season some thought Nathan would be uncomfortable continuing to play the Sea Dogs. One night he scored a jaw dropping goal by faking some defender out of his jock strap and doing the same to the goalie. I thought for sure he had punched his ticket out of town. Fortunately, they kept him and he was one of the leaders on the Memorial Cup winning Sea Dogs team as an 18 year old. He scored the winning goal in the opening game of that tournament breaking in from the left point to take a nice feed from Huberdeau, I think.

Bonus, he does have a nasty edge to his play as well and will drop the gloves if he has too. I think we'll see him with the Habs in two years tops.

There are rumours that PG is trying to get a second rounder. Jurco maybe?

Number31 said...

(Paraphrased) Huberdeau on going to Florida: "Every Christmas I go there and see Montreal play so now I'll already be there."

Why the hell is NHLnetwork showing Mickey Ribs highlights when talking about Beaulieu?

Number31 said...

Knew it. Knew Jurco would go to Detroit. I bet Datsyuk asked for him so they could share the YouTube moments...

the Maritimer said...

Correction. Nathan Beaulieu was actually listed at #18 in the Hockey News Draft Preview. He was listed as #5 by NHL Central Scouting among North American skaters. Apologies for that.

Apparently, the Habs traded their 3rd round pick to Winnipeg. WTF???

@Number31, Jurco is going to score lots of nice goals for the Red Wings. He will fit in nice with that system. No doubt Gerard Gallant, a former Wing had some input into that selection.

Number31 said...

I'm thinking the Dead Wings didn't want to trade any of their 2nds for Wiz's rights. For that, hope he goes back to Chicago :)

Stocking up on Depth Dmen. NHL's favourite currency after the 2nd round pick.

And the former-first round pick of the QMJHL who plays for shitty Val D'Or. That'll make RDS happy.

Number31 said...

Big Czech center. Rejoice!

Steve said...

I have a two or three year window with this team, and then we are back on the rebuild

the Maritimer said...

@Steve, the 2011-12 season is the mid-point of Gainey's "lab experiment" when he let all his UFA's walk and traded for the Mexican't and signed all the smurfs to 5 year contracts.

PG is simply carrying on with the experiment giving PleXXXe a 5 year deal and Vodkov 3 more years. It all ends in 2014. By then Lego will be the #1 center and MaxPac the #1 gunslinger. Then he will start over with a new experiment.

Guy Boucher will have been fully trained in Tampa and JM's game plan will be waiting for him on his desk when he arrives at the Bell Centre in Sept. 2014.

Sidenote: I'm surprised that PG hasn't offered Gomez to Burka as Ol' One Ball's set up guy. He is American after all. He would fit right in with the Toronto StarsnStripes.

b said...

Grabbing Beaulieu sticks it to the B's too.

and this guy can fight

moeman said...

I know, its SNLeaf but check out their pick for best Draft Day Dman.

moeman said...

Bits of tid;

"The Canadiens started their day by selecting defenceman Josiah Didier from Cedar Rapids in the United States Hockey League at No. 97 overall. The 6-foot-2, 199-pounder is headed to Denver University in the fall.

“We feel he a tremendous upside and he’s going to a strong college program,” Gauthier said.

Next up at No. 108 was Olivier Archambault, a left winger who scored 20 goals and had 33 assists with Val d’Or last season. The Repentigny native is a former No. 1 overall pick in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League draft. He’s on the small side at 5-foot-10 but, Gauthier noted: “He has skills you can’t take away from him.”

Archambault said he’ll spend the next two years in junior working on his strength and playing better defence. “I know that I have to be good defensively if I want to play in the NHL.”

The Canadiens picked Swedish defenceman Magnus Nygren at No. 113. The 6-foot-1, 191-pounder had four goals and 11 assists in 22 games with Farjestad.

“He’s 21 and he played on the first power play with one of the best teams in Europe at a young age,” Gauthier said. “Our scout in Europe feels he can make the transition to the North American game very quickly some time in the next few years.”

The Canadiens selected 6-foot-1, 193-pound defenceman Darren Dietz from the Saskatoon Blades in the fifth round. He had eight goals and 19 assists in 68 games last season.

“Dietz is an interesting story because he’s a first-year junior and he was a top-four defenceman for one of the top junior teams in Canada and he worked his way up to the first power play.”

The Canadiens selected 6-foot-3, 198-pound centre Daniel Pribyl in the sixth round. He had 27 goals and 31 assists in 41 games with the Sparta junior team in the Czech Republic.

“It’s always good to have a big centre in your organization,” said Gauthier, who said that Pribyl might play in Shawinigan next fall.

The Canadiens’ final pick in the seventh round was 6-foot-1, 196-pound defenceman Colin Sullivan from Avon Old Farms prep school in Connecticut. That’s the same school that produced Christopher Higgins, and he’ll continue to follow Higgins when he enrolls at Yale University in 2012.

“It’s hard to judge high school players because they don’t play a lot of game, but we feel he has an upside,” said Gauthier.

Read more:

moeman said...

Seemed like a cool cat, R.I.P.;

the Maritimer said...

@moe, keep posting those nice asses.

moeom said...

They are saying that Olivier Archambault is a Cocky Mother-WHAT!?

So another Cocky player to become P.K.'s accomplice. I LIKE!

moeman said...

TFS™, PFK!, OA and nBeau all smart, mouthy and smart-mouthy?

ClutCH your fucking pearls mediots, yuv gots wurk 2 do you sick fucks.

Steve said...

Game of Thrones makes true blood look like PG13. We are talking full frontal neeked. Now someone does not want you watching this for free, so just change the number in the link, its 8 now start at one and work your way up, it should keep you going till october, but only if your on dialup

honus said...

B, that article was from a series of articles that the blog did about potential Boston draft picks.
There's the one they did on Dougie Hamilton (who they actually picked) from December. Then they were looking more like picking fifth or higher, before the Laffs went on something of a run (and Toronto parade routes were proposed).

"Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Gabriel Landeskog, Jonathan Huberdeau, Adam Larsson, Sean Couturier, Ryan Strome, Dougie Hamilton and Ryan Murphy have all had their names called, the so-called 'Elite 8" has unfolded as anticipated, and Boston will have to look to the next tier to choose from."

Getting Beaulieu at 17th is a great stroke of fortune for MTL, but the only reason Boston didn't select him was that Dougie Hamilton fell into their lap. Don't see how that translates to anything but another B's win, those bastards!