Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Shlemiel, shlemazal... I'm moving to Milwaukee!

I've got my pills and my bowling ball and I'm taking a road trip!
Aufiderzein Habs.

Go, uh, Admirals!


ezzeloharr said...


Also, seems Habs have traded Wiz's rights. My Twitter feed showed that @Eklund broke the trade. How is this possible?

HabsFan29 said...

do I get to be Squiggy?

L Dude said...

7th for Wiz. Hank Z was a 7th round pick. Just need to get the Wings' Euro scouts too.

Late, but the Hall can fuck off after fucking Burns over. They're too embarrassed to give it to him this year. Will wait for next and hope we've forgotten their 'fuck you'.

HabsFan29 said...

Hamr said no. w00t!

Defazio11 (aka the artist formerly known as GG11) said...

Pack your hair gel and let's get going. If we leave before 5 we can get there for Kirk's first training camp interview which will be shown on basic cable around 5 am right after the shopping channel special on how to remove lint from your dryer.

moeman said...

Wasn't Big Rosie Greenbaum married to a rich doctor?

Defazio11 (aka the artist formerly known as GG11) said...

Pronounced Greenbowwwwwwm.

moeman said...

Good one Defazio11.

Also, SwissMiss2 signed, 2yrs/$1.7M.

LeCH BaruCH said...

(to the tune os 'no sugar tonight')

woozy feeling
deep inside
watch the Goat let
everybody slide
we got PFK
and the Franchise Saviour(TM)
but apart from them two
we ain't got a prayer!

no CHicken no wiz in the offing
no hamr no kirk in my team
hope Goat sure knows what he's doin
next season's good as vodkov's knee

die die broons die! now! now! now!
die die broons die! now! now! now!

Montreal cops will
do their thing
chara's stanley ring
PatCHes smiling
on his twitter feed
but can he still be
the forward we need?

put CHicken and pyatt in the coffin
no Boucher no Kirk on my team
hope Goat sure knows what he's doin
next season's as good as vodkov's knee
die die broons die! now! now! now!
die die broons die! now! now! now!

moeman said...

Well played LeCH BaruCH.

Steve said...

LeCh is realy Burton Cummings

Mr. natural said...

WTF is going on...?

Wiz' rights for a 7th and if he signs a 5th? Not much... does Goat think he'll be too $?

Hamr gone, no worries, I'd rather have Wiz, go after Stamkos and cut a deal at just about any price, with someone to lose the Mexicant.

But I don't work here I just play I guy who works here on TV.

is Richards still available?

moeman said...

Mr. n., mike richards is a sick fuck.

Brad, a well spoken East coast lad with a nice FrenCH is out there but methinks not in The Goat's sights.

Number31 said...

Who cares about #JagrWatch... we got our own #68! SWISS MISTER!!!

Mr. natural said...

@moeman, Brad of course. I think he was still available as of today...

If there is one aspect (aside from the psychosis I sometimes display but which is now camouflage.. errr, obliterated by Steve's presence) of Mr. n that is surely evident to all regulars it is my unwavering hatred for all things PHucktard

Number31 said...


Rangers to buy out Drury's contract, yet it was reported last week he was injured with a degenerate condition in his knees and they weren't allowed to buy him out. Did Dr Recchi get to the bottom of this or what?

LeBuuuuut said...

I live in Milwaukee, so I was kind of excited to hear about Muller being the new head coach of the Admirals. I tried, but failed, to go to an Admirals-Bulldogs game last year, but now I have even more reason to get to one.

HabsFan29 said...

LeBuuuuut said...

I live in Milwaukee

*stunned silence*

the Maritimer said...

Wow, a cheesehead Habs fan.

Who knew?

Anonymous said...

i never really comment on here, but i'm a habs fan who lives in milwaukee. my girlfriend and i try to watch every game, one way or another. if you're looking for a habs watching contingent, we can hook you up.

not sure if you play hockey yourself, but i'm pretty plugged into that scene around here too. we're even planning to go to badgers games to see habs prospects (ex. kristo on und, etc.)

if you'd like my email, let me know. welcome to the dirty mil!