Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Morning Skate says goodbye to an old poultry friend for Tuesday, June 28th

Oh Giant Mexican CHicken, we hardly knew ye

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of getting some mail again...
  • So the Habs did not extend qualifying offers to RFA's Tom "Tommy" Pyatt, Alex "Captain" Picard and of course, Benoit "Benny the CHicken" Pouliot, thus relegating the Giant Mexican CHicken line to our happy memories of the 3 games they kicked ass together. Now, technically, the Habs could still land these players after July 1 when no one wants them, though not giving an offer is a likely sign they don't give a shit about any of them. Adios guys;
  • Mad Max manages to squeeze $2 million for 2 years out of the Nucks;
  • Kevin Bieksa also gets cash from the Nucks, 5 years and $23M;
  • Lap dance to GG11 for shooting us this video of Kirk being introduced to the Predators organization (jump to the 7:55 mark). The amount of times he gets called "Kurt" is comedy gold. Sad, pathetic, comedy gold;
  • PHucktards continue their makeover by trade;
  • If you think the return of TMS is an excuse to link to my True Blood review, you are correct, sir or madam.
Have a nice day.


ti-cul said...

and no more McSplooge. Gone from TSN for full time crapping with Versus and NBC. TSN just got a bit more tolerable.

the Maritimer said...

Aw ti-cul, you beat me to it. No more MONSTER! on TSN. No more sucking Brian Burka's ass. I may actually watch a Habs game in English this season.

Now that Montreal is CHickenless, I noticed a few interesting names who will be UFA's Friday.
- Anthony Stewart
- Steve Bernier
- Tyler Kennedy
- Zach Stortini (great name)

Some large frames there.

I'm not spending Friday watching Free Agent Frenzy but I hope the Goat gets some players who can rearrange Ratface Marchand's nose if required.

Habsfan10 said...

Anthony Stewart would be worth taking a chance on.

RIP, Giant Mexican Chicken.

B B said...

I wish chicken well... playing in Milwaukee for Admiral Kirk... bwahaha

What an oxygen thief

Steve said...

I hate it when a player like Chicken fails. WTF is wrong with him. Please Goat send the mexicant to the slaughterhouse as well.

Richards left Philly for overtraining his liver.

Carbo in the hall before the chick or Gilmore or I will question the integrity of the NHL for the first time, I mean first time today.

moeman said...

No more mcsplooge. Now get rid of bob cold and the cbc beaners.

Anonymous said...

from son-of-god to "Kurt" in bumfuck overnight

maybe he'll wanna come back... or take Trotz's job. right.

Kmaxx said...

Hey Guys...and GG

The link to Kurt/kirk takes you to Mad Max...


HabsFan29 said...

@Kmaxx - whoops. thx, and fixed. i blame the drugs. i always blame the drugs

the Maritimer said...

And in other news Montreal police are ready to question the shaved gorilla about his "routine hockey play" on MaxPac.

Don't they have more important things to do than pursue a case that will go absolutely nowhere?

The NHL's Colon blew it. Chara should have got 20, he didn't, end of story.

Apparantly, Goat has tendered a one year deal to Hamr. Hopefully he rejects it and we all move on.

moeman said...

Mark Howe in HHoF and not Carbo? Weird.