Saturday, May 30, 2009

It's the Stanley Cup Finals Weekend Open Thread of Love

'Sup? OK, so the actual hockey analysis never happened yesterday. Our bad. All you need to know about the Finals is that Maggie the Monkey picked the Pens. Of course, Maggie has a solid 0-5 record in picking the Finals winner. That may be why this is the last year of Maggie. If you want an actual preview, Puck Daddy is a good place to start. He makes a compelling case for the Wings winning.

Fuck compelling cases. I hate the Wings. I hate the Pens too, but I may die of boredom if the Wings win again. The only real rooting interest I have here is seeing Marian Hossa get fucked. That would be fun. Other story lines to follow include the health of Datsyuk and Lidstrom, Osgood's goaltending, and an actual breathing, living Malkin this year. Oh, I guess Sid bears watching.

So sit back and enjoy the ridiculous NBC-mandated hockey schedule this weekend - Game 1 tonight at 8 PM, Game 2 tomorrow at TBD. I really haven't stopped laughing at that TBD thing for two days now. This league is pathetic. Of course, anything goes in TWOTOL - talk LeBron in Game 6, the French Open, sex, politics, whatever. We leave you with two videos. First is the last two ESPN hockey experts previewing the finals, and second is a video of two blondes kissing. For no reason whatsoever. Hey, it's the Finals.


moeman said...

Pingus in 6.

Sonia said...

Burt the dog says Pens in 7.

My cats say YAWWWWN! So I guess they're picking the Wings.

L Dude said...

My back yard has a young crow who hasn't learned to fly yet. Seems late, but really (shrug).
Anyway, he apparently made his way out of his nest and has been hanging out in the back yard since Thursday.
Considering all the cats in the 'hood and he's still alive, I gotta believe it's a sign that the flightless bird will survive.
So right now, I say Pens.
If the crow:
a) takes flight, or
b) becomes a tasty snack for Snookums, the neighbour's Persian, I'll change that to the Wings.

oh-oh. Word Veri=doomy. Hope that's not Charlie's (that's what I've named the crow) destiny.

Cornelius Hardenbergh said...

Go Pens!

Boob Gainey said...

The flightless birds in 6