Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Really crappy beer makers seek full Habs ownership

Just too many fucking posts today.

So it looks like Habs minority owners Molson Coors want in on the hot Habs buying action. Geoffrey Molson sent out a press release today that says Molson Coors want to put in an offer.

You know, for a team that is still not officially for sale, the price keeps going up by 50 million every week.

Many lap dances to FHF legend moeman for mentioning this first


moeman said...

I'm a legend in my own pants and I just love the mesmoerizin' gal pic.

Also, for Boob Gainey;
Are those beer bottles on his shirt?

kevincrumbs said...

Hm, odd. By that I mean both the potential re-purchase and the weird lady in the weird picture.

Boob Gainey said...

What's with all the Kovy negativity.

By all means sign him, and give him the 'C'. $6.5M for 2 years is fine by me.

gillis said...

Pat Burns for head coach

moeman said...

RIP Peter Zezel;


L Dude said...

Indeed, Zezel RIP. 44 is too young.

If anybody's interested, here's Jim Kelly's Take on St. Paddy's coaching possibilities.