Friday, May 08, 2009

Sexy Friday is Having a Canada-Sweden IIHF Open Thread for Obvious Reasons

It's all about the hockey.

Canada-Sweden in the semi-finals of the 73rd (really?) IIHF Senior Ice Hockey Championships today at 2 PM EST. Here's a preview. The game is on TSN, but I can't seem to find out if it's on for people stuck at work and care about the game, i.e. me. I really hope we win, because a Canada-Russia or Canada-USA final would be fun to watch on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Go Canada! Go Swedish babes!

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eyebleaf said...

boners abound!

Anonymous said...

3-2 Russia over the US on a late third period goal. To bad if you where looking forward to see Higgy for one last game this season. Yes I know, bronze medal game at 10AM on sunday, but bronze medal is for loosers...

Jaybird said...

[a href=""]Daly idiot words[/a]

I can't even express the rage the NHL fills me with. How can you explain Buttman's stance of the cruelty of pulling the team out of fucking Glendale Arizone for the poor fans there when he snatched Winninpeg from people that cared in a heartbeat. I'm just so angry at the scum of infected STD's that are Daly and Bettman. If I could fight one man in the world it would be Gary. I would slap him until his hair was bleeding. Can someone tell me how this little evil man got the reins to our league and our game? I heard once the NBA sent him over in the early 90's to kill the NHL because it was becoming more popular than the NBA in the states. Completely believable.

Had to get that out there. Needed to vent.

HabsFan29 said...

good venting Jaybird!

Canada up 1-0. Now I'm off to the Star Trek movie. enjoy the Swedish babes everyone

lawyergirl77 said...


The fact that I'm at work right now and not either watching the game or at the Star Trek movie is causing me physical pain...

bea-habs-fan said...

I'm on my way to the Star Trek movie.
I mis the Canadians but have been enjoying the Chi-Van and Was-Pitts. series so much
Oh yeah and the Bruins getting heir inflated egos pricked by the mighty canes !!!!


word verif: maybe next year teh canadians can take siali(s) and have a good season and a long run!!!!

Anonymous said...

@bea habs fan-

if the long run lasts more than 36 hours, they need to call a doctor.

bea-habs-fan said...

if it helps them win, doe sit matter.
if it does nothing then they should be put out to pasture.
that's what they do with horses.

moeman said...

Canada 3 ~ Sweden 1

South Shore Habs Fan said...

"Asked what the league's biggest objection to the Balsillie bid is, Daly replied: 'Well he's doing it totally in disregard of our rules.'"

Daly should know that "Because I said so" is only a rational reason when spoken by your mother. Ugh.

Wash-Pitt has been un-freakin'-believable (though the Caps sure sucked it up last game). Canucks-Blackhawks less so. When the hell did the Devils move to Vancouver?!

gillis said...

Why not completely reconstruct the NHL:

Canadian Division:
- Montreal
- Toronto
- Vancouver
- Ottawa
- Edmonton
- Calgary
- Hamilton
- Quebec City or Winnipeg

US division:

- Detroit
- Buffalo
- Washington
- San Jose or Anaheim
- Pittsburgh or Philly
- Colorado or Minnesota
- Boston

and then add to that, eight EUROPEAN cities.

South Shore Habs Fan said...

@ gillis

I dunno, I think the travel schedule might kill them. If there are lots of lower-body injuries now, I'd hate to see what happens when players try playing after spending 5 hours+ sitting on a plane.

Plus I'd definitely choose different teams from the States - screw both SJ and Anaheim, keep Chicago. I'd also want to keep both Pitts and Philly in the league (love 'em or hate 'em, at least their fans show up). Load up on Eastern teams, both because they have better fanbases and because the cross-Atlantic flight will be an hour or two shorter.

WV: "mines". Said Gary Bettman about the Phoenix Coyotes: "My team, mines, my own! My preciousss!"

Jaybird said...

@ south - I know right?!? They don't have any argument they just spew garbage.

I think San Jose has a great fan base actually. There is no reason for two Florida teams, Nashville, Carolina (they are getting better fans I guess), Anaheim, Columbus. They demean all of us. It's pretty sad when teams like Jersey, Detroit and Boston aren't selling tickets in reg season. No excuse there at all.

South Shore Habs Fan said...

Is there anything more asinine than those "Wuts G?" Gatorade commercials? I don't know what pisses me off more, that they're stupid and annoying, that they couldn't make their targeting of black people any more obvious, or that they're exclusively targeting black people during a hockey game. Obvious, "G" is not Genius.

Where the hell did the Caps go?!

gillis said...

@sshf: The travelling problem wouldnt be as much of a problem is the teams went overseas in stints.

I was also thinking chicago should stay because of their growth recently but history shows us that they arent all that into hockey.

HabsFan29 said...

god this is a great series

too bad Bob Cole is ruining it

HabsFan29 said...

and sergei samsonov leads a team to a 3-1 lead over the Bruins

we could have used him

Moey said...

I'm loving the Habs right now, they gave Boston a false sense of superiority....and Pens win, it just doesn't get much better, oh wait, maybe it does, slime bag Ovie could be under review for his hit on Gonchar.

Habsfan10 said...


The Blackhawks traditionally have a pretty rabid following. The old Chicago Stadium was easily the loudest building in the league. They also had the worst owner in sports for 40 years (Bill Wirtz even refused to televise the Hawks locally). It's a wonder the fans held on so long.

Hey, anyone notice that Timmy Thomas might be turning back into Timmy Thomas?

Boob Gainey said...

Claude Julien, after the Bruins lost Game 2 against Carolina:

"Well, you can't expect us to sweep this series too.".


South Shore Habs Fan said...

Props to the 'Canes for beating the crap out of the Broons despite the fucked-up officiating. Also, for not making me regret taking Cam Ward and Eric Staal (!!!) in my hockey pool.

fezworth said...

I hated the WhalerCanes a couple of years ago, after the bounced us in the 2nd round "Curse you, Erik Cole!" However, I now have a big man-crush on Cam Ward. Go Hartford!

kevincrumbs said...

Go Canes Go!

PS - I am really drunk right now.