Friday, May 22, 2009

Sexy Friday would like to have a word with the Atlanta Thrashers organization

Two Blue Crew hopefuls chat while they wait to see if they made the squad. We feel your pain, ladies.

I could not be more indifferent to the Atlanta Thrashers as a hockey team. Whenever the Habs play them, I'm like, sure, Kovalchuk is fun to watch, but whatevs. But I do love the Thrashers commitment to putting hot chicks on skates.

So where is that commitment now, Thrash? You promised me that you would "add galleries leading up to the unveiling of the 2009-10 squad at the end of the week." No galleries have been added. And now it's the end of the week, so where's my fucking unveiling??? Nothing! Sexy Friday was planned around the unveiling of the team. Now we've got nothing. Boooooo, Thrashers. Now you've made me hate you.

To make it up to Sexy Friday, here's a blonde chick previewing the Conference Finals (posted yesterday - timely!). Her analysis of M-A Fleury is eerily accurate:

Lap dance to With Leather. Sexy Friday as always copyright KSK


gillis said...

I like the fitness test gallery.

I hate fleury... don't know why.

gillis said...

Keenan fired

Boob Gainey said...

For like the 12th time in his career.

South Shore Habs Fan said...

@ gillis
Maybe he can coach the Habs! I hear Hamrlik and Tanguay play well for him! [/sarcasm]

"While coaching the St. Louis Blues, he refused to dress his team in a newly designed alternate jersey because of how horrible they looked" (Wikipedia)

If only he'd been available for the Centennial season.

gillis said...

@SSHF: And maybe he can give Kovalev 7 minute shifts!! (that is if Kovy comes back)


Too lazy for a link but this is kinds funny: has apiece on hockey.

Justin Crowder said...

May I direct your attention to the Atlanta Thrashers multimedia section, with video unveiling this year's Blue Crew?