Friday, May 01, 2009

The Morning Skate for Friday, May 1st

Bullet points for what you missed whiled dreaming of triple overtime...
  • Canucks blow a 3-0 lead after two periods, but end up taking Game 1 anyway;
  • Steve Stamkos continues his run through the Double Eye, scoring 2 in a 5-1 win over the Czechs;
  • Lap dance to Melly who pointed us to this Larry Robinson story from RDS, which says Larry would be interested in the Habs head coaching job. TMS likes the idea. He could use a good assistant - we hear Carbo is available.
Bruins-Canes and Ducks-Wings start tonight. Happy Sexy Friday to all.


Cornelius Hardenbergh said...


Hurricanes or Bruins?

(I know what I want, but I'll refrain from posting the clapping and cheering in a now-inappropriate forum.)

I'm thinking Larry Robinson works with Lemaire for a year then takes the top spot when Lemaire retires...but that's just me and I know little of your team except typical rival knowledge. And I'm even behind on that.

moeman said...

Time to reunite the Big Three?

Savard as (part)Owner/Prez.

Big Bird as CoaCH.

Pointu as D coaCH.

Bonus, they are all bilingual!

Sonia said...

@moeman - Yech. Shades of Houle, Tremblay, Cournoyer and Laperrière, back when Ronald Corey thought Stanley Cup rings could coach.

I'd love to see Big Bird coaching the D, but not as the head guy. He has always taken things too much to heart and it wasn't that long ago that he cracked under the "pressure" in NJ, of all places.

Also, he's a player's coach, and therefore has a short shelf life. Players respond to him initially, then tune him out when things go south. They still love the guy, but they just don't listen any more.

I can see him having a Boom Boom-like meltdown in Mtl.

lawyergirl77 said...

CH - I'm cheering for the building to collapse. Claude Julien and Mark Recchi are the only ones spared.

Sorry... :(

lawyergirl77 said...

Holy shit! Guy Lafleur found guilty!!

moeman said...


MONTREAL -- Hockey legend Guy Lafleur will be sentenced on June 8 after his conviction today on a charge of giving contradictory evidence at his son's bail hearing.

The Crown is asking that Lafleur be given a conditional sentence while the defence is seeking just a fine for the former Montreal Canadiens superstar.

The maximum prison sentence Lafleur could face is 14 years.

It was not immediately known whether defence lawyers would appeal the verdict which was handed down in Montreal by Quebec court Judge Claude Parent.

Lafleur agreed in September 2007 to ensure his son Mark abided by a court-ordered curfew if he were granted bail pending his trial on various criminal charges.

But at a hearing the following month, it was revealed the elder Lafleur had driven his son to a hotel so he could spend time with a girlfriend on two occasions.

WV = hygona, as in Guy whilst talking to his lawyer saying hygona go to jail for dis?

DC said...

I'm glad someone else pointed out that Robinson cracked under the "pressure" in New Jersey. Uh, seriously, the Devils place in the pecking order of NY area sports teams ranks below 2 MLB teams, 2 NFL teams, 2 NBA teams(yeah, the Nets are more popular) and the Rangers. They're down there with the Islanders and arena football. I think only the Post has a Devils beat writer, the Times and News ditched theirs and Newsday is Long Island-centric.

They were advertising $99 family plans for the first round games vs. Carolina that included 4 tickets and free food. That's all you need to know.