Friday, May 15, 2009

Sexy Friday gets a jump on the long Weekend Open Thread of Love

Since this will be up for an extra day, we figured we needed a third woman in there

Ola muchachos y muchachas! Yours truly is off to the land of the 56k modems this evening for the long Victoria Day / Dollard Day / Journée des Patriotes / Just Another Monday Off weekend. So we thought we'd combine Sexy Friday and TWOTOL into one sexy-riffic post. The Bruins hate is behind us (ha! it never leaves) so it's time to move on to the love.

The long weekend is highlighted by the beginning of the Conference Finals. Wings-Hawks goes Sunday afternoon, and Pens-Whalers starts on Monday night. What the hell, I'll even throw in a bold prediction for you - Wings and Pens each in five. Let's hear yours in the comments. Elsewhere in the sports world, if you are jonesing for some more Game 7's after last night, the NBA will hit you with two of them on Sunday. We're pretty sure there's baseball, but we don't give a crap. Man U and Arsenal go at it early tomorrow morning at Old Trafford, with Man U needing a single point in their last two matches to clinch the top of the table. Finally, The Preakness goes Saturday, with hot horse babe Rachel Alexandra as the favourite. Sexy Friday loves the fillies. We told you he has issues.

So enjoy the long weekend everyone (and by "everyone" I mean Canadians who aren't stuck at work for some reason Monday), and show each other some love.

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South Shore Habs Fan said...

Wings in five, Pens in seven. Carolina has some weird mystic aura shit going on.

And then Pens in six, just because I love Hossa feeling butthurt.

"Sapphic" is the most beautiful word in the English language.

Daniel Plainview said...

I'm just glad the Bruins are out.

blaz said...

If their history is anything to go by, I say Whalers in 7 in the most ridiculously last-minute improbable shocking scenario imaginable.

moeman said...

Political porn.

Beta169 said...

Just read that Scott Walker's wife has cervical cancer and one of the first comments after the article was a Broon fan saying it was karma. Stay classy Broons fans, stay classy.

Cornelius Hardenbergh said...

Hey, finally checking in over here.

Gotta say, I would much rather have seen a smarmy, hateful eulogy from the fine folks here than that "we love you, bruins" bullshit over at puck daddy. Seriously, the pension plan puppets one was the only one worth my time so far.

Anyhow, just thought I'd check in, say whatup offseason buddies, and let's hope the Bruins can knock you out next year again!

(Seriously, that was awesome.)


South Shore Habs Fan said...

@ CH
Just wait 'til he cheapshots one of your players. You've got a Brian Burke-managed team in your division now, you guys won't be the biggest bullies in the playground much longer.

"Gary Bettman would prefer to see the Phoenix Coyotes move to Winnipeg than Hamilton, according to court documents filed as part of the NHL team's bankruptcy case." (source)

Kinda late for that, you fucktard.

Moey said...


Beating the Habs at full strength in four straight would have been a lot more meaningful, but maybe that's just me. Don't forgot, that delusional thinking is what pushed your lot on to the golf course.


Wouldn't matter if he cheap shot one of the Bruins, they don't have anyone as good as Markov.

Cornelius Hardenbergh said...

Yeah, Brian Burke in the division does scare me and I'll be calling for blood when some jerk on the leafs (or any team, really) cheapshots one of the upstanding members of my fair team.

gillis said...


I was in a hotel watching the game and when the Whalers scored, it was the loudest I had ever cheered for another team in my whole life. The best part was Timmy runnning away after the goal, he was just like: "Awww fuck, I'm outta here".

Don Cherry could suck my left nut.

HabsFan29 said...

made it home in time for a little too much maguire on NBC

CH you're welcome in my golf foursome any time. had we written the Puck Daddy Bs eulogy like we did last year (well, HF10 - credit where it's due), you may not have wanted to join me.