Thursday, June 03, 2010

The Morning Skate for Thursday, June 3rd

Bullet points for what you missed while having nightmares of losing a perfect game thanks to a fucking idiot of an umpire...
  • We have a series! A Claude Giroux OT goal gives the Flyers a 4-3 win (after a video review called a no goal for them in OT). We'd say more but we really don't care and thus didn't watch the game til OT;
  • Here's a Louis Leblanc report from dev camp;
  • NHL GM's met yesterday and discussed a bunch of stuff (head shots! blindside hits!) but decided nothing. Wacky ideas included a 3 on 3 portion of OT. Just bring back ties already;
  • The Laffs let everyone know you can have Tomas Kaberle in a trade this summer (for a price. Or maybe a Price? See what we did there?);
  • Gui! was on l'antiCHambre. Said nice things about Gio and Gomez. About the coaches, not so much;
  • Outstanding piece over at Deadspin about the school of hockey fighting for kids. Between all the stupid poop stories and crappy theme weeks, this appears to be actual journalism for some reason.
Barring a disaster of biblical proportions, look out for the big end of season Pantscast tomorrow.


Tyg said...

I'm home sick today, missing work and coughing up a lung, but what's really making me ill is that the Flyers won a fucking game. They're not a goddamned team of destiny no matter how much CBC tries to shill it. What they are is truly fucking lucky that the Habs took out the Pens and Caps for them, and that Brodeur's fucking knees are shot to hell, and Boston is fucking useless in the clutch. Never going to respect a team of bullies, and would rather see the Cup melted down and sold for scrap metal than Carcillo mugging with it.

Best part of last night's game? Carcillo's face plant into the ice. Love watching that over and over again.

Also, props to Ron McLean (whom I normally despise) for making Bettman look like the sleazy little tool he really is.

Off to the doc's to load up on meds!

b said...

Gee, Giroux & Briere. No reason to scout the Q., huh? Hear that Trevor? That's the clock ticking.

Mr. natural said...

PHUCK!! I hate to admit it but the PHucktards are playing some good hockey and hustling, the Hawks better keep their collective eye on the prize.

Our father who art in heaven Phuck the Phucken PHucktards.


Chester said...

@ Tyg
Shoot I missed Ron putting dowm The Betterman. What a greasy little fucktard he is.

Anonymous said...

If you open the club face 10 degrees. place your left foot well back of the right on address, and swing like hell with all your might, violently slashing through the ball in a right to left arc, the resulting banana slice action on the ball should correct your natural duck hook, resulting in smooth and powerful drives 300 yards straight down the middle, every time.

Don't thank me, it's OK, I give advice like this for free all the time.

Just buy me a beer for improving your game immensely from here on.


Tyg said...

@Chester - hopefully someone will upload it. Bettman said a whole lot of nothing that still translated to "Fuck you Ron, and fuck the fans, cause I'll do what I want anyway." Greasy little fucktard is a great description for Bettman. I'm going to abbreviate it thusly from now on, to save the extra keystrokes - GLF. Thanks.

HabsFan29 said...

JeffHK in da house! That's good advice btw. Will drugs help or hinder my golf swing?

Tyg said...

@HabsFan29 - My current theory is to always err on the side of caution and do the drugs. My own golf swing is so bad, it can't really hurt anyway, and at least might make it more fun.

L Dude said...

Just some points on yesterday's and today's comments:

@moeman: Burkake. Eeew. First McSplooging, now this. I say eeew. Everytime I see Dreger oozing his Leaf love, this image will haunt me. Thanks.

@kmaxx (and others still wondering): Check my current avatar. Might be Scott Gomez. Not sure. Anyway, those beads glued to his head. Well, move em to your nether-regions and voila - vaj/wang-azzling. Maybe vag (with a soft 'g') would clear things up.

@JHK: I already have a wicked banana slice. Any advice on reversing that would be well received. I tried doing everything opposite of what you said. I'll be in traction for 6 weeks.

@Tyg: Careful with the GLF moniker. Accidentilly throw an 'I' in there, and....

@29: Personally, I find just the 'soft drugs' help with the golf swing.

Habsfan10 said...

"look out for the big end of season Pantscast tomorrow"

Holy fucking hell, the season is over? I thought this Blackhawks/Flyers home and home and home was just more fucking ridiculous NHL scheduling.

Dammit, I guess I better go see how my wife and kids are.

swarkles said...

"we have a series"

Didn't we say the same thing when the Habs managed to win one against the Flyers?

Bill 101 said...

sheesh - this place is harder to quit than nicotine.

@Chester - Puck Daddy's got the Ron&Gary show up

I feel a bit unclean - that was a great hockey game last night.

Still rooting for Toews&co (like there's a choice?)but at least eating and sleeping too now.

Mr Trivia said...

fuck me, it's thursday.

Chester said...

@ L Dude

Do what I did, just throw away the driver and use a one iron off the tee. If anybody snickers just give them the Bill Murray look and pour some beer in their golf bag.

Mr Trivia said...

as for gui! on rds:

he had me at:
C’est toujours difficile de te présenter à quelque part quand tu n’as pas confiance en toi.

he scared me for the young guys when he said:
« Quand tu joues cinq minutes par match, c’est difficile.
isn't that JM's "system"?

but lost me at:

"Je préfère me placer en avant du filet" BULLSHIT.

De tous les assistants que j’ai eus à Montréal, le meilleur a été Roland Melanson. - maybe you should've been talking to the assistants in charge of FORWARDS.


i don't think he always got a fair shake with martin but to say shit like he 'wanted' to be in front of the net...

wv: gui was just being a "whina" on AC.

kevincrumbs said...

I was just wondering yesterday why Deadspin was listed in the non hockey blogs, non-crappy division, as Deadspin jumped the shark ages ago.

Number31 said...

Oh Gui, you'll never understand...

That being said, can I wait the maybe 2 years and keep my sanity until Guy Boucher takes Jacques Martin's job or will I permanently turn to booze and swearing and throwing things violently at my TV with every young player Chocula destroys before Boucher even gets to them? I don't know if I can take the maybe 2 years of "waiting until there's 5 minutes left to score goals unless it's a blue moon" system......

This Cup final has no goaltending.

Orangeman said...

I'm completely out of the loop because the weather here has been spectacular so for every moment I'm not paid to be inside or asleep/passed out I've been frolicking in the outdoors. So I have no idea what this Maclean/Bettman thing is about, but apparently MacLean is a hero now. In other news, water is no longer wet and dogs and cats live together in peace.

Also, there's been three perfect games this past month (yes I count this one)! That deserves it's own level of holy shit.

Orangeman said...

Just want to say that it is amazing how both the ump (Joyce) and the pitcher (Galarraga I think) dealt with the situation then and after. Unbelievable class. I've never heard of an official apologizing, and he not only manned up to the pitcher but to the media too. And this nobody pitcher basically says shit happens. Christ, I almost got fired for my reaction to it and I'm an indifferent casual baseball fan in Korea 10 hours after the fact! I think Obama needs to invite these guys to the White House for another beer. Teachable moment, kids.

Also, I'm going to hit some games when I get back in August. At this rate chances are I'll see a perfect game!

Mr. natural said...


Galarraga will hopefully, be remembered as the only pitcher ever to get 28 outs in a row pitching a perfect game.

Don't think Obie Won 'Kabama can invite them over for beers just yet, apparently he is now extremely furious about this leaky thingy in the gulf, as opposed to the past 6 weeks when he was more "concerned", but on the plus side it did produce some great photo ops!

I am wondering about Orangeman (Korea...yellowman?? Coincidence this whole colour gambit, I think not) claiming to be in Korea (south of the Mason/Dixon line I suppose), maybe you're just some nerdy teen living in his Mom's basement and making cool shit up!?

And if you really are in Korea, where were you when the ship got hit by a so-called torpedo?

In fact where were you on December 7th 1941? Answer that smart guy and don't try any of that sneaky evasive stuff!

I know something's hiding in my basement, I hear it breathing, gotta go check it out, my neighbors have something to do with it, they've always been plotting against me. Saying things, making stuff up, but I'm on to them now...

Baroque said...

Armando received a Corvette convertible as an award for sportsmanship and his cleats are going to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

He should have had the perfect game, but one can hardly say his feat is going unrecognized. Good for him. :)

Steve said...

Kaberle will be a Hab next season, Burke will jump all over the Uroligist, Burke is on the cusp of making an all pee team.