Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sexy Saturday goes to the World Cup

Since Sexy Friday was canceled because of all the, uh, Jaro business (scroll down to read Jaro's goodbye if you haven't yet), we thought you might enjoy Sexy Saturday as a replacement. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Hup Hup Holland! Ambush marketing? We don't give a shit. Look at them.

I need to make a call. Can I borrow your phone? It's a local call, I promise.

We're not forgetting our lady readers today. Please enjoy some shirtless footballers. Thanks to Jezebel for the pics. They're the internet leader in World Cup abs.

Consider this a Weekend Open Thread of Love. Feel free to talk soccer, US Open, recipes, or anything your little hearts' desire. Even hockey, what the hell. This pissed me off. Way more than the Jaro trade. Speaking of Jaro, my CBC opinion on that from yesterday is archived online. Maybe I don't sound like an idiot for a change. I'm happy I got to use the phrase "upside potential" on air once in my life.


Number31 said...

Geez... Big Bird or Perry Pearn? *slaps Boivin* You eeeeeeeeeediot!

Allan Walsh said...

I've been Twittering to all the media in this wonderful city of St. Louis about my client, no one responds, not even Eklund...

GoldenGirl11 said...

Frankly there are tons of bilingual hall of fame defensive specialists who spent 17 years in the organization, has had their number retired and would fill a hole left vacant by Guy Boucher or maybe even be able to take over as head coach after JM's contract expired. I mean he only won one cup as a coach and six as player. I think ignoring him was well played out. Seems the organization is in complete control of their mediocrity.

Ronan said...
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Ronan said...

And why hire someone who isn't even in high demand in the league? The Devils? Pshh, like we need to keep talented personnel away from them, they won't be challenging for a Cup anytime soon.

But Perry Pearn, he's a hot commodity. We had to fight off the Edmonton Oil Kings of the WHL to keep him!

moeman said...

En plus, Le Gros Oiseau parle Français.

Mr. natural said...

First of all, I misplaced my cell phone and that looks an awful lot like the one I lost, I'm not accusing or anything but let me reach in and see...

"not sound like an idiot for once"... are you sure...?

Anyway what does Big Bird know about defense anyway, hmmmmm who would be good at this, let me look this up.... oh here it is:

NHL best single season +/- leader
Bobby Orr +124
Larry Robinson +120
Wayne Gretzky +98

All time career +/- leader
Larry Robinson +730
Bobby Orr +597
Ray Bourque +528
Wayne Gretzky +518

Forget BIG BIRD!!!! WE should try and get Bobby Orr, Wayne Gretzky or this Larry Robinson fellow, c'mon + 730.

Well I'm gonna go drink now, it's the only working for me, PHuck I was in Old Orchard in NDG before noon drinking and still nothing. Need to put in the effort.


Jaybird said...

Now I am scared after the LR story.

Why do we have to have this false sense of history and class when thats not the way it goes anymore? I just don't understand why Black Jacques got such a large tenure. 5 years? Only a handful of coaches ever make it past three years and these are the best such as the Trotz, Babcock and Ruffs out there.

Our team is stuck in the hands of a man who is getting grumpier and more "player-hating" by the second while fresh new blood (Boucher, Muller) get passed over and eventually lost. Hell we can't find even a scouting spot for Robinson after firing 190 scouts a month ago? Gimme a break. This Boivin seems to be a possible big time source of the problem.

I was thinking this Halak trade really could somehow be some secret blockbuster that could make us a non pushover team. Now I just think this team is run similar to the south park margaritaville episode...where they have a wheel of fortune style board with options such as "hire" and "trade" and they cut a chicken's head off; let it run around headless on the board until it collapses on an option square and make that decision.

Chicken 1 falls on Hire or Fire: Hire
Chicken 2 falls on language : First language French
Chicken 3 falls on former: OTTAWA
Chicken 4 falls on playoff: LOSER
Chicken 5 falls on position: COACH

I dunno maybe Im just bored.

moeman said...

Spicy sausage spaghetti.

- BBQ'd Italian sausage
- BBQ'd Roma tomatoes
- BBQ's garlic bulb

De-case the sausage, CHop tomatoes and garlic, add copious amounts of olive oil, splash of Pinot Grigio, make a sauce, slow cooked, approx 45mins, S&P, tiny splash of Balsamic vinegar. Shred some fresh basil (purple and green) before plating.

Mango sherbert and Amaretti cookies for dessert.

Mr. natural said...


Sounds delish!

The old ball & chain and I will be in Italy for a week in the not to distant Future, plane initial hotel already booked!

How happy are we!!!?!!

Tyg said...

I'm really not bitter or anything, considering Larry Robinson is my favorite player of all time cause when I was a kid my Dad took me to games at the Forum where I fell in love with him completely and madly and forevermore. What I am is drunk as a skunk, which is how I cope with this goddamned hockey team.

Has PG made any more roster moves yet? I'm bored again now.

Just a big thank you for the male eye candy. After the single worst golf game of my life today, I needed that.

Ronan said...

So, um, Goat? It'd be nice if we heard something about Pleks right about now. You know, that guy who led our team in regular-season scoring, then shut down Crosby in the playoffs? Like, I dunno, that you've talked to his agent or something.

'Cuz Marleau ain't coming here, Jokinen would be a joke, and having to rely on Eller to chip in 70 pts scares me.

Hadulf said...

I don't undestand the shirtlessness in soccer.

Maybe, everytime a hockey player scores a goal he should take his equipment off and throw his stick at the crowd or something...