Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The Morning Skate for Tuesday, June 1st

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of quitting Facebook...
  • Oh look, actual defensive playoff hockey. Hawks are up 2-0 after a 2-1 win, thanks to two quickies late in the 2nd period and some stellar work by Niemi, especially in the 3rd period;
  • Who needs scouts anyway? Habs get rid of 6 of them, plan to replace them all with the ScoutBot 3000;
  • Pat Hickey asks some questions going into Development Camp that starts today;
  • Bring back the Whale!
Hey it's June 1st. Fall is almost here.


If I don't sign in as Orangeman can I deny this post in the future? said...

Love the TSN article about who Roenick is cheering for. No, I'm not going to link it here nor did I read it. Just love the fact that TSN thinks anyone would care what a bitter old timer would think, and then list it as their top story. If you can't find a better story with 2 (TWO!) perfect games pitched this season, Celtics vs Lakers and the upcoming World Cup then I think you should hire me, TSN. I think the rash I found on my taint last night qualifies as more newsworthy.

Yes, my friends, it's another holiday Eve here. Well, 'election day EVE' anyway. And don't get me started on the need for a day off on election day. The point is I just returned from a liquid dinner and I'm full of opinions.

I don't want to give the impression that I drink all the time or that I only care about you putting Youppi! into your pantcast (seriously, you'll win a Grammy).

Yet here we are.

I remember Denis Martinez!

GoldenGirl11 said...

@ If I don't sign in as Orangeman can I deny this post in the future?
I'm noticing a pattern here with the color orange. What's the story? Enlighten me. It's pouring rain and I'm bored to tears ironing camp labels for god only knows what reason as the first - I mean only - letter from camp usually starts and ends with "I've lost everything, please send me underwear and KD". So I kill myself - and inevitable the new owner of my kids clothes - as those labels are a bitch to remove.

the Maritimer said...

@GG11, do kids still go to camp these days? Ha!, I remember my oldest son went to summer camp when he was 10. When we went to pick him up after a week, he looked like he had been drug through a knot hole. I never saw so many scrapes, bruises an hornet stings on one kid in my life. Apparently, he had set the record for most trips to the first aid station. He loved it!
Now the youngest guy, you couldn't pay him to go to a camp.

So, the Habs are revamping their scouting staff. I'll be happy to scout the Q league for them. we have a young francophone player here in Saint John, NB, Jonathon Huberdeau, from St. Jerome QC, whom I think will be a kid worth watching for the 2011 draft. He's 6' 1" at 17 years old, has really good hands and is a playmaker. 15 goals and 20 assists as a 16 year old rookie. These stats are comparable to Sean Couturier who is projected to go No.1 next year in the NHL draft according to THN.

the Maritimer said...

I should clarify: Huberdeau's stats are comparable to Couturier's at the SAME AGE. Couturier won the league scoring title this past season.

GoldenGirl11 said...

@The Maritimer
do kids still go to camp these days?
I think the act of getting rid of one's kids for 7 weeks of outrageously expensive bliss is considered strange in many communities but it's very much the norm in Jewish Montreal. We cram so much parenting into 10 months that the summer months must be spent away or there is a risk that a child may actually try to go back into the womb. Probably makes more sense to ship them off to boarding school for 10 months where someone else can yell at them to study and get off of the xbox and put their clothes in the hamper I mean it's right there in the corner YES! THAT BLUE BIN WITH THE WORD HAMPER WRITTEN RIGHT ACROSS THE FRONT I'M SO GLAD I SEND YOU TO SCHOOL TO LEARN HOW TO READ!.... and then have the little angels return home for a summer of swimming and hugging and giggling and more hugging mixed in with the occasional knife fight about putting on sun cream. So yes, summer camp is still in and if I could go instead of my kids I'd be there in a heartbeat.

soperman said...


There is a Camp for Jewish kids down by my cottage, Camp Kadimah. Apparently, kids come there from all over the world. The kids parents come in for one day all summer and have to figure out how to get back to the Robert L. Stanfield Airport from Union Square, NS on a Sunday night. I don't think they like that part.

WV - "undis" as in "I got my undis in a knot when the Phucking Phylers beat the Habs."

Mr Trivia said...

fucking tuesday.

the Maritimer said...

@GG11, my mother who raised 6 of us, used the primal scream method periodically for relief. Might be worth a try.

GoldenGirl11 said...

It may seem that way but the one's who aren't neurotic are doing a jig all the way home.... Ok maybe the ONE who isn't neurotic is doing a jig all the way home.

GoldenGirl11 said...

@the maritimer
Yes. The primal scream is great. In my house it's more of a primal scream/no bladder control thing that really freaks my kids out. Nothing like a good geshrai followed by peeing in my pants to get them to behave. Their fault for having abnormally large heads as new borns and choosing to exit through my vagina. Kid number 4 took the clean exit but will suffer hours of embarrassment every time his friends see me in a bikini. It all equals out in the end.

bea.habs.fan said...

@GG I remember being sent outt ocamps and having my Mom saw in those tags. I think there are still on some old rags lying about her house.
she used to give me a list of everything i was supposed to bring back. I think I mostly did, but then I'm as girl so maybe I was more careful of my stuff. (and we were not sent away for more than 2 weeks so it was easier not to lose things)

why is HF4 the only one sporting golf clubs? is he the only one that likes it or the only one with time and money to play?

lawyergirl77 said...

@Mr. Trivia - I echo your "fucking Tuesday" comment, and may I raise you "fucking Monday through Friday"?

The past two weeks have sucked, mes amis.

I wish I could go to camp too. :(

Squid is saying on his Twitter that he's in the middle of some kind of fucked up detox regimen and that he didn't eat on the first day and then he ate only green veggies and did yoga.

What in the good mother of FUCK is he doing on a detox AFTER the season?

I so wanna run past him with a Snickers and see what happens!

Mr. natural said...

@ GG11 fucking Hilarious shit!!

LG77 you need to calm dowm, Sqid isn't interested in your "candy", or is he.....?

Thank God hawks are up x 2. Phucken PHuctards looked pretty goog in the third last night

Sorry for mentioning hockey.

lawyergirl77 said...

@Mr. Trivia - *cough* No idea what you mean by that...

I guess I just don'T get the whole detox thing after the season. Beforehand? For sure in order to get ready for the long haul. But afterwards just seems loony, especially during a "vacation".

But, hey, there's a reason why he's paid to put a puck in a net and I'm paid to sit on my ass and drink coffee all day... :)

Habsfan10 said...


As someone who did a detox once and was physically ill/exhausted for the first two weeks (headaches too! why the fuck did I do that detox?) I would venture he didn't do it during the season because he would have felt like shit. As for why do it now rather than, say, September? No clue. Maybe he wants to be able to bing on bbq and beer all summer at the cottage?

@ used-to-be-might-still-be-later orangeman:

Anything the greatest video game hockey player of all time wants to talk about is cool. EASports Roenick was a monster.

Random Hab Girl said...

Dudes, (sorry, I know noone says 'dude' anymore, but summer camp talk has brought back fond memories of calling everyone 'dude')

You are so fucking hilarious, all of you (GG: you're too much:))! I am laughing internally at all your comments.

Thank you!!Sadly, reading your comments has been one of the few highlights of my tedious work day.
Fuck the five day work week-it makes no sense.

Kmaxx said...

@RHG - never apologise for using the term "Dude"

@HF10 - I used to take a month off from booze every year - went for Feb. as it is the shortest - always felt like shit initially so I can understand why Squid didn't do it during the season.

btw - I've now given up on the folly that is detox - if God had meant us to be tea total he wouldn't have invented pubs!

Caduceus said...

These comments are thankfully taking the edge off of the general lack of Habs blogging these days. GG, you crack me up.

At one point, I was almost ready to go to Eklund's website AND check out the comments section in HI/O. Yikes!

I recently made the mistake of reading the comments section of the Habs eulogy over at Puck Daddy. I find it ironic and puzzling how Leafs fans call us, among other things, losers.

Anyway, for you Pantscasters, I'd like to offer you any audio support you may need for any future Pantscast. Simply e-mail me the audio file and any specific instructions you have for it. (I sent you guys a mail to fourhabsfans gmail account).

If I can be a quarter as good with the audio as GG is with the photoshops, then I think you'll be happy. :)


HabsFan29 said...

@Caduceus - i did get that email, meant to thank you. thank you.

im so bored i considered commenting on the Puck Daddy eulogy and getting into it with Leaf fans

gillis said...

The goat should sign Matt Lombardi this summer. He's 6'0 and a center and arguably the fastest skater in the league. And he's from my hometown so...

moeman said...

Dudes and Dudettes,

when in need of a Habs' content fix,
on a slow FHF day,

see J.T.


the Maritimer said...


Yay! Hockey talk! I agree re: Matthew Lombardi. A little bigger faster tougher than Ms. Turtlepleks and probably a lot cheaper. Seems he always played well against the Habs when he was a Flame.

@Random Hab Girl,

Yeah, did that 9 to 5 thing for 32 years, now nicely settled into retirement, enjoying golf and chatting with the seriously entertaining folks on this site!
Hang in there!

GoldenGirl11 said...

I bet JT sews in her camp labels. No quick ass ironing for her.

Chester said...

How can you enjoy golf. It's a form of torture, the only thing I like about it is the fashion.

soperman said...

Doesn't anyone send their kids to hockey camp anymore? We used to have to do the whole damn round. Three weeks in Wolfville at Acadia University, two weeks at skating camp, and three weeks at Saint Mary's University.

GoldenGirl11 said...

Kids go to summer camp that has an arena AND girls. Best of both worlds. Hockey all day with that potential blow job at night. Kids today.

the Maritimer said...


Did the hockey camp stuff for 8 years with #1 son, he's on his own now. Son #2 did not take to hockey, he is 180 degrees from the other one.

I like the fresh air, sunshine and the walk around the course. Swinging the club is just to kill some time, ;)

the Maritimer said...

Wow!! No wonder No. 1 son loved hockey so much. Who knew? I'll have to tell No. 2 what he was missing... when he is older of course.

moeman said...

@GG, if J.T. stitCHes camp labels as well as she stitCHes similes, she's a camp Master (Mistress?)

Sometimes I wish I could comment on J.T.'s great posts but she usually/always says it all (be)for(e) me.

BTW, did I just label J.T. as campy?

moeman said...

Blowjobs at camp? Who knew?! Whilst here I'd like to thank the inventors of the canoe.

moeman said...

Also, for your iPodPadPhoners, Rogers/Fido radio app;


WV = prooper, as in pronger should be renamed prooper, cuz he is a shitbag piece of shit

GoldenGirl11 said...

I'm just guessing about the blow jobs. I can make those kinds of jokes since I have boys. In reality the kids are in charge of their own equipment for 7 weeks so I'm pretty confident that the girls don't want to be near anything that smells like a hockey bag. Takes me a good three days until I'll even let the kids back in the house once they get home so I'm sure that nothing goes on at camp that *cough* shouldn't.

moeman said...

"In reality the kids are in charge of their own equipment for 7 weeks"

That's a lot of potential blowjobs.

Word of advice, keep the equipment clean.

GoldenGirl11 said...

St. Adolphe d'Howard. Best place on earth.

Moey said...

That detox crap really sucks. I did it once for seven days. The only benefit was no dairy = no gas. I called it the fart free diet.

moeman said...

Thnx GG.

gillis said...

That eulogy pissed me off, probably for the rest of the week. Fucking leaf fans. How can they start talking shit about the habs after not winning for over 40 years and not making the playoffs since the lockout? It should have been a flyers fan writing it, then they would have something to back it up and ignore that their team is the biggest failure in the NHL. They make fun of the centennial celebrations (well, so do I but still), when their centennial comes along in 2017, what will they be celebrating? They make fun of the old-timers doing a couple of laps at the ceremony, but none of the guys from their last cup winning team will be alive by then. Fucking idiots.