Saturday, June 26, 2010

Well, he's big

Hot draft action! Habs make a move! Insanity!

Sorry, we're still hungover, we may not be making sense. Anyway, the Canadiens actually did something at a draft for a change instead of just sitting there, making a trade with Phoenix to move up five spots to get this tall dude, Jarred Tinordi, at number 22. It tells you how old I am that I do in fact remember his father, Mark Tinordi, as a middling NHL'er. This kid is apparently better than his dad. By all accounts he's a great D prospect, and the Habs did well to get him. What do I know about prospects though, ask Panger and his invisible draft preview. Puck Daddy called it the "best unexpected pick" of the night.

We now return you to our regularly-scheduled pics of soccer babes, in honour of the Round of 16. This one's for Orangeman.


orangeman said...

Thanks! First, let's get the obvious out of the way. FAKE! Second, WHO CARES?!

Go Korea tonight! Coincidentally, I saw a friendly between Korea and Uruguay a couple of years ago here in Seoul. I think it ended in a tie. What I remember most is being denied beer at the concession because I'm a foreigner despite me being head to toe in Korean garb, including hair dye (so hair to toe would be more accurate). But just like any other country, I try not to judge based on the few idiots. Later, the moron worker was proven right when a foreigner ran on the field with "U R GUAY" written on his bare chest (shirtlessness, esp. hairy manly Western shirtlessness, is frowned upon here). After about 5 minutes of the Korean security ineffectually tripping over themselves trying to nab him, he just turned himself in. Yet more proof that mandatory conscription does not lead to a strong male population.

I was woken with cheers and shouts the other night at 4am when Korea tied Nigeria. It's kinda fun. Though I've decided to stay in tonight after a bender last night (and general sickness of being crushed by 2 million people at all times), I am wearing my red shirt and bandana. GO KOREA!

moeman said...

Also, (via All Habs);


NHL Team: Washington Capitals
NHL Player: Nicklas Backstrom
Shootout move: “Backhand toe drag”
Video Game: Call of Duty
Movie: Blood Diamond
TV Show: The Office
Actress: Megan Fox <--------
Music Artist: Notorious B.I.G.
Book: “Playing With Fire” by Theo Fleury
Home-cooked meal: Casserole
Activities away from the rink: Xbox, Basketball

orangeman said...

I thought I'd post a quote from when the English team visited orphans suffering from AIDS in Soweto, just so we have some perspective.

"It's absolutely inspiring to see this group be so positive in the face of disaster and isolation from civilized society."

-K'nobe Abbal, 8 years old.

orangeman said...

At the risk of over posting (making up for lost time here), I also want to point out the temp tatoo on the chick (I mean, classy lady). I also wear these to various Korean sporting events, or when asking the boss for a raise. Anyway, I love how the lower one on her arm can also be seen as the Dutch flag, cementing my two allegiances during the WC at once.

Also, at my school of employment there's this club that wears orange shirts on Thursdays when they meet. Apparently they're the cool group right now so all the other kids also wear orange on Thursdays. Needless to say (though I still will say), I love it.

Moey said...


LMAO. I thought those were your favorites until I got rid of the cobwebs in my brain. I was reading it thinking WTF? What happened to the Moe I used to know and love?

wv - I kid you not, meth.

moeman said...

I ♥ ya too Moey.


My Favourites;

NHL Team: Le CH
NHL Player: Squid
Shootout move: “Deep eye gaze, flash eyelashes”
Video Game: Frogger, L'Edition bertrand raymond
Movie: Resevoir Dogs
TV Show: Lucky Louie
Actress: Salma Hayek
Music Artist: Bob Marley, The Clash
Fucking Website: FHF
Book: Anything by James Ellroy
Home-cooked meal: Gumbo
Activities away from the rink: Spreading CHeer

moeman said...

Quotes (find the bitter one);

NHL Central Scouting's Jack Barzee

"He skates very well for a big guy. He has an excellent shot from the point. He's a pretty smart player. The head's there, the hands are there, the shot's there, the skating ability is there. He's got a real, real cannon for a shot."  

U.S. Under-18 head coach Kurt Kleinendorst

“For Jarred to be at his best, he just needs to be steady. He's very intelligent, keeps himself in good position and is capable of making the first pass. And that should and probably always will be the foundation of what will bring out the most in his game.”

b.r. @;

"Même si Pierre Gauthier a été à l'emploi des Nordiques durant 12 ans, vous ne le verrez probablement jamais avec une fleur de lys à la boutonnière. Il a autant de chances de posséder une carte de membre du parti Québécois que Pierre Boivin en a d'entrer au Vatican. J'ignore si certaines remarques malicieuses se sont rendues jusqu'à lui, mais on chuchote dans les cercles du hockey qu'il n'est pas l'allié le plus sûr des athlètes francophones. Des joueurs le disent. Des agents le pensent. On dit de lui qu'il est plus Américain dans l'âme que Québécois. C'est ce qui l'incite peut-être à accorder énormément d'importance à tout ce qui se passe dans les collèges américains. Sa terre promise pour les espoirs au repêchage, c'est surtout là qu'elle se trouve, semble-t-il."

orangeman said...


WV: fooze. This is like foozeball.

orangeman said...

Oh well. Good effort, Korea. Can't wait to hear the excuse for this lose. In 2006 when they were ousted FIFA had to literally block access from the country because apparently the Swiss guy was offside, despite him not being offside, he not scoring on the play and the game already being decided. Koreans aren't known for their gracious losing, though they are known for losing in general.

Also just want to say how relieved I am at watching this on the internet via a Euro channel. The commercials didn't feature screaming, epileptic seizure inducing colours, humans I cannot identify as male or female or everyone talking as if their 5 year old retarded cartoon characters. Nice.


Ronan said...

P.K. Subban 6'0 206lbs
Ryan O'Byrne 6'5 234lbs
Mathieu Carle 6'0 203lbs
Brendon Nash 6'3 205lbs
Joe Stejskal 6'2 200lbs
Greg Pateryn 6'2 212lbs
Jarred Tinordi 6'6 205lbs

The future of the Montreal blue line. I likes.

Number31 said...

Yannick Weber is going to need skate stilts to keep up with these guys.

Mr. natural said...

@ronan, c'mon you left the Urologist off your list, BR will be pissed..

reading orangeman makes me miss Japan, (what am I, out of my PHucken mind!?)

kevincrumbs said...

Tons of Winterhawks drafted but sadly none by the Habs.

boob gainey said...

That's a ladyboy.

Number31 said...

This guy sounds like fun:

RW Brendan Gallagher (Vancouver Giants)
Work ethic extraordinaire
41 goals 40 assists in 72 games
11 goals 10 assists in 16 playoff games
111 PiM mostly of fights and instigator misconducts

He'll hit you, score a goal, bite your ankles, and then punch you in the face for shits and giggles.

Anonymous said...

More goals on crappier teams than Etem and Niederreiter!

Ronan said...

RDS whining about the Habs not taking any Quebecois in the draft

So, according to them, if we have 5-7th round picks we should take players from the Q just to show that the Habs still have an interest in Quebec?

Hey, why not. 7th-round picks never pan out anyway, what's the danger? Think of all the francophone players we missed out on with that 271st pick in the 2003 draft!

Number31 said...

They did pick from the Q but he wasn't a Q-becker (from PEI). Oh and his Q-team is in Nova Scotia. *RDS cues the sad tuba*

They only signed via free agency almost every useful Voltigeur player they could and invited more. They just can't please the pure wool with fine sweaters anymore...

moeman said...

Wait until the Habs don't resign The Urolgiste and watCH rds go all anti-CH.

Its their modus, they can't wait for the return of the purer woolier Nordicks. BTW, didn't some S´´paratiste hack pen some novel about how Québecois hockey players getting shafted. This year's Draft should be a fun 2nd edition CHapter.

moeman said...

Also, its Flynn, a Hab-hating hack who laughed at the Habs selection of the 5'9" Gallagher. Flynn steps up at 4'11". Some like to label don cherry with a xenophobe/racist tag. I'd suggest most of the RDSers' deserve the same. They are a sick bunch.