Friday, June 04, 2010

Pantscast! Episode 4!

Fuck yeah, it's Pantscast time! Do you like drunken rambling about the Habs' season, the coming off-season, and the Wahlberg brothers? Then we've got more than an hour of entertainment for you! And we decided that Episode 4 needed a 4th person. So besides the usual cast of idiots of yours truly, HabsFan4, and Chris Aung-Thwin from HI/O's Other Wing, we've added... (drum roll)... you know her and love her from the comments... (drum roll gets louder)... lawyergirl77! She swore more than any of the boys so she fit right in. And there's also a special appearance from Hurleys waitress Jen. Audio is not too bad, but dammit the Hurleys' quiet room was pretty fucking loud so please excuse the background chatter. Some day I'll sort out the iTunes business I swear, and now the player is acting wonky too so apologies if you have a problem like the Pantscast going quiet after 20 seconds. Fuck technology. With all those caveats in place, take off your Pants at your discretion, and hit play or the download link (which works perfectly!) to revel in the fun that is the FHF Panstcast:

Download the mp3

Enjoy our dulcet tones on this Sexy Friday, then go save someone from drowning.


moeman said...

Can we call those that bring us the Pants!cast, Pantaloons?

Go Cast!

Go Pants!

Go Habs!

Mr. natural said...


Sir, I take umbrage as in earlier times up on the intertubes I wandered the land as one "Adiospantaloons" a name that became know far and wide as a regular contributor in trivia and movie chat rooms.

I must inform you that FHF would risk litigation if we have not satisfactory negotiated compensation prior to my releasing said moniker for use by this for profit endeavor. on hold on line 2...

lawyergirl77 said...

Good God... I talk less goodly when I have shots in me. w00t!! MOAR BEER!!!

Thanks for having me along for the ride, gentlemen. Was most fun to drink and swear on the record with you.

But I missed the wang jazzle. :(

Cornelius Hardenbergh said...

Any chance this gets into iTunes? I want to have it automatically download onto my ipod so I can listen to all of your shining voices when I'm half-asleep on the train.

lawyergirl77 said...

CH- 29 is very VERY busy not writing his thesis right now... and he seems to have an allergy to iTunes... and his dog ate his homework.

So, in true FHF parlance: he's workin' on it.

(Love you, 29! Kisses!)

RiRi said...


I have been laughing out loud for the past hour, spit out my coffee at least twice and will now be late for work so thanks!



Mr Trivia said...

@Moe - Youppi was there. I think he just didn't want to get into a debate concerning his current employer so kept pretty quiet.

He did loosen up after some goldschlager though... if you listen really carefully near minute 56 you can hear the tinkling of his wang-jazzle in the background.

He got kicked out shortly after that.

soperman said...

I have very limited space on my work computer for personal stuff, but I found by deleting those annoying pictures of my wife and grandson (the sons are long gone) I can enjoy your Pantscasts as often as I like.

They are particularly useful when my boss is jabbering at me and I have to stay focused.

moeman said...

Until the Pants!casters officially do the iTunes podcasted version, simply download the .mp3 and drag it into your iTunes Music window and synch your ipod/phone/pad and enjoy laughing out loud on the bus/subway/taxi/bike.

soperman said...

I just listened to your pantscast again (what - its more fun than working and I can pretend to work while I do it) and they all are great.

I do have one suggestion, however. If you drink more quickly or more beer, the entertainment value will increase.

Good job.

Mr Trivia said...

fuck, it's already friday!

the office is heading to the volleyball courts for some fun in the sun. have a good weekend, bitches!

ps. @soperman

if you listen to the pantscast backwards you can hear the secret lyrics to the theme for star trek: voyager.

lawyergirl77 said...

Soperman - No, drinking more leads me to being more with the incoherent "I LOVE YOU MAN" type blather or stuttering (as I was at the beginning of the pantscast).

And Mr. Trivia - Youppi's wang-jazzle? There's a (admittedly hysterical) mental image I didn't need... I'll send you the bleach for my mind's eye!

moeman said...

Fucking crazy day today and I needed me a pick-me-up on the ride home. Who comes to my sanity's rescue? The Pants!cast, featuring the Sexy Friday sounding lg77 and her boobs (quadruple entendre bitCHes).

The die has been cast Pants!taloons, all future episodes must include some form of sweet, sultry sounds from one of our FHFemmes.

Great cast.


HabsFan29 said...

thx moe. agreed, the estrogen addition is a good one

hey, did anyone know there's a hockey game tonight?

moeman said...

Yup, there's a game. Go Hawks.

Whilst here, if/when the Pants!cast goes full A/V, I suggest renaming it the Boobs!cast. Bonus, the Cast logo will only need a little touCHe up.

Number31 said...

Is that the Hawks? Thought I was watching the Habs (Mr. Hyde version).

soperman said...

@ Mr. Trivia

Are the lyrics in Klingon? All I heard was Klingon. I have a program that takes all of the sounds in an MP3 and plays them randomly. That made the Pantscast sound like Betty White saying over and over, "Leafs Suck - Bruins Suck".


And you don't think having you guys say "I love you man" and making 2 am phone calls to the little-fuckity-fuck wouldn't be funny?