Saturday, June 05, 2010

It's a good old fashioned Weekend Open Thread of Love!

Oh I'm sorry, I didn't see you there. Good Morning! I hope you are doing well today. Are you stuck inside with all the rain this weekend? Do you like looking at pictures of Asian women kissing whilst making your own content? Then we have the blog post for you!

OK so what can we talk about? Start with the Phlyers who refuse to play nice and let the Hawks win, evening their series last night with a 5-3 win. While the Phuckers deserve some credit, the Hawks really blew chunks last night for the first 40, making mistakes and falling in a 4-1 hole. But the fact is the Flyers could be up 3-1 in this series easily. They will probably win this thing. Prepare yourselves people. Game 5 Sunday night at 8.

Around the Habs, I guess there's a development camp going on or something. Pierre Gauthier said yesterday that Trevor Timmins is safe in the wake of the great scouts' purge of 2010. He then gave an outstanding non-answer to the question of why the 6 scouts were fired. Something about organizational restructuring.

Around the sports world, college hoops fans mourn the loss of John Wooden. Well, maybe mourn is the wrong word, given he lived 99 years. Let's go with "celebrate the life of." In soccer news, whatever hopes the Ivory Coast had for the World Cup were dashed as Chelsea star Didier Drogba broke his arm in a warm up match yesterday. Let's see, what else can we discuss? Maybe you're watching the French Open finals. I have the ladies final on in the background as I write this, with two players I've never heard of. I guess there's a baseball season happening somewhere if you'd like to discuss that.

Of course, in the open thread of love anything is fair game for discussion. We haven't had a good recipe exchange around here in a while. Let's hear your summertime classics! I made a honey mustard potato salad this week that was easy and delish. Steam about 3 cups new potatoes (cut up the larger ones into bite-sized chunks). Shock in cold water after steaming. Add a tablespoon of mayo, a teaspoon of Dijon, a teaspoon of honey, a teaspoon each (or more) of fresh basil and thyme chopped finely, S+P to taste, chill for at least an hour and voila! Simplicity itself. BTW those measurements are totally made up because I do all my cooking by eye. Don't hold me to them.

So please share your thoughts about anything, your loves, your laughs, your links. Have a great weekend everyone.


Orangeman said...


Yes, I meant those cap lock images. I listened to your pantscast tonight and I have a bone to pick. I will pick this bone hard!

In the case of Price v Halak you're esteemed cast unanimously chose Price. For shame. FOR SHAME.

Oh, Halak was non-commital after the season. I have no idea why. Maybe it's because he has consistantly played very well, sometimes unbelievably well, only to have to defer to Price. Why? Because Price is a good 'ol Canadian boy who won something a few years ago for the Maple Leaf (singular, red not blue). So after the end of the Philly series he's not that into the Habs. Maybe it's because, despite being the second coming of Christ against the Caps and Pens and doing all he could aginst the Phlyers it didn't matter because in all 4 losses they scored TWO FUCKING GOALS!!!! Yet people in the media, including various pantscasts still pick Price over him.

You know what Price has done for the Habs in 3 years? He blew 2 playoff rounds, lost many a regular season game, embarrassed himself and the franchise with his immaturity (incl. 2 ridiculous unsportsman-likes in G3 v Caps) and gained 20 lbs from beer and poutine. You know what Halak did in that same time, hell one third of that time? HE FUCKING BROUGHT US TO THE CONFERENCE FINALS and maybe further if the boys could have scored a couple of goals.

Imagine if, at the beginning of the season, Gainey and Martin told Halak he was the guy they were going with no matter what. Imagine if Halak was born in Canada and Price was born in Slovakia. It's debates like these that make me angry to be a Habs fan. There is no debate, Halak is a better goalie. The only question is if we keep Price as a back up to develop.

But, but, but, but....Price won the Junoirs! Yeah, and Halak got Slovakia to 4th a few months ago with a nothing team, beating Russia and the Czechs, not to mention almost beating the Canadians.


Kick me off this site, fuck you guys for picking Price over Halak after this playoffs. FOR SHAME.

As for recipes, open a bag of cheetos and leave open for 2 days. Stale cheetos = crunchy dinner at home for two.

Anonymous said...

Halak didn't do it alone. He's good but NOT that good.

He won't be in HABS gear next year. He'll go for the bones!

PRICE will do well, you'll see. :)

HabsFan29 said...

that's good use of the caps lock o'man. like we would ever kick you off this site you lovable nut you.

in the Pantscasters' defence, we were drunk

Orangeman said...

Less confrontationally, I applaude the additon of LG77 to the pantscast. It confirms my theory that she knows more than the rest of us combined about the actual game. I'm not just saying that. FHF are for comedy and rants, GG11 is for photoshop and LG77 is for, you know, hockey.

FHF is for the funny/softcore porn, Moeman is for song parodies, Gillis is for Meh, GG11 is for photshop, L Dude is for wit, JHK is for insanity, Moey is for fan on location, Boob is for pessimism, anonymous is for trolling, orangeman is for AM-PM opposite lifestyles and Mr. Natural is for not making orangeman the most crazy/alcoholic regular. Sorry if I missed anyone. The point is, we all have a role.

And FHF's role on the goalie debate is to fuck the poodle. FOR SHAME!

Jaro, if you read this (sorry, WHEN you read this): WE LOVE YOU!

Orangeman said...

@29: Well, in my defence I'm drunk most of the time and I still will not fuck over Halak a mere 10 days after he brought us that far. Sorry, you're like real media now and picking Price over Halak at this point is like the French media McSplooging over Latendress over Squid.

To steal from A To Time to Kill, imagine everything Halak has done in his career. Now imagine it with a Canadian Maple Leaf on his chest.

Moey said...




Have a good weekend, y'all.

@29, that sounds yummy, I have some new potatoes in the fridge.
Good work on the pantscast. You guys HAVE to do another one (or two)this summer.

HabsFan29 said...

you're like real media now

hahahaha. good one.

Oleg Petrov said...

Dear Sirs,

I enjoy reading your newspaper. Mabel likes the funny pictures.

Allow me to suggest that all further off-season pantscasts be referred to as shortscasts, because it's a bit of a cheat to claim to not be wearing pants in summertime - nobody is.

Also, please feature more colour in your Family Circus cartoons.

Many Thanks,

Friendly Neighbourhood Friendly Neighbour

Orangeman said...

@29: Well, in the world of bullshit it all depends who's shit stinks less. Or more. I'm lost in my own analogy.

@Moey: Price is only 22, he won the Juniors and the AHL, both 4 years ago. Halak is 25 and this year got his national team to the semis with a team of nobody of interest under the age of 35. He also got the Habs to the Conference finals and perhaps farther if they could score more than 2 goals. Oh, and he dragged this thankless team into the playoffs to begin with.

Should we keep Price if we can and develop him to his potential? YES! Should we shit on Halak for being as committed to the Habs as the franchise has been to him? NO!

I hope Price lives up to his potential, I hope he is a superstar, I hope he proves me wrong. But he hasn't shown any of that yet in the NHL. I care about the Habs, not any one player. And to choose Price over Halak is to choose one player over the franchise as it stands now.

I kept my mouth shut, or partly shut, all season. But enough. It's not about Halak v Price, it's The Canadiens v one player at this point. I love the Habs, and Halak has done more for the Habs than Price has. And I will state again Price is to this site as any/all French players are to RDS. There's a difference between seeing his potential and picking him over Halak for next year. What else could Halak do to prove you wrong? Seriously? What else could Price do to prove you wrong?

Or I'm just looking for some off-season controversy. Either way, I'm right.

Number31 said...

Debate all you want. Both goalies have to stay because the Habs goalie depth chart is fucking empty. (Unless Guy Boucher coaches this team next year, you do not want Cedrick Desjardins in nets). Only thing that bothers me is this: every time something doesn't appease him, Jaro seems to ask for a trade. Always. Maybe because his agent's a fucking loudmouth twit who plays the media constantly with all his clients and chooses inappropriate times to try and pin the "us vs them" mantra. It always sounds like "me me me" from his camp. I'm starting to wonder if his involvement as Havlat's agent had a little bit to do with why the Hawks really didn't want to negotiate anything with him (Mr.Injury notwithstanding, he was very loyal to the Hawks and wanted to stay badly, was a fan favourite, scored lots for them, him and Hossa on one line? That would have been nice). Meanwhile Price gets booed on being the only Hab with a game star, can't win a game 'cause they don't score any goals for him, has a moron of a coach with a bush league "win you're in" bullshit idea which just lets everyone else off the hook, had to steal pretty much every game he won this year, was the only one playing in most of the games lost (that Sharks game or that Sabres game pretty much summed it up), and supported his team through everything because the team is what matters, but heeeey it's all his fault.

Don't ever discount what the D has done for this team these playoffs but the moment the fortress cracked, the games were lost even with scoring 2 goals. Josh Gorges and Hal Gill were a fucking fortress for most of the post season, but then they became like Seabrook and Keith, desperately trying to save the series but totally out there by themselves..

And if you still think the Habs sweep by the Bruins last year was all Price's fault, you weren't watching the games.

Oh. Is it October yet?

Orangeman said...

Oh fuck ya I'm back to defend Halak's honour.

I'll state again Halak has been just as loyal to the Habs as the Habs have been to him. And he never said anything about a trade, his idiot agent did. Once.

Are we really onto Republican-style revisionism? I've typed 2 different long paragraphs about this now, but it doesn't matter. If you believe Halak doesn't deserve most of the credit for bringing this team to where they got then I'm on the wrong site. I'm on the wrong plane of reality. I'm on the wrong planet.

There is no way, no way, NO WAY (CAPS LOCK STUCK AGAIN) that Price gets this level of loyalty if he doesn't have a Canadian passport.


Mr. natural said...


First I would like to thank orangeman for correctly identifying my limited role on this site as keeping him from being the most crazed/alcoholic regular (*sniff*, thank you), it is NOT an easy job.

My therapist would concur.

As for hockey, best scenario if we could somehow keep them both.

I also totally agree with orangeman that Halak has outplayed Corey Hart at every turn, all season long and certainly deserves more than he will probably be getting from the Habs, in the broadest definition of the preceding sentence.

But hey like everything else it's all a business now.

Maybe the team does play poorly more frequently when Corey Hart is in nets, but that is not Jaro's fault.

Something that I hope the Habs management considers, with Jaro you know what you are getting and can reasonably expect in the future.

With Corey Hart, though you hope he may turn into the second coming of St-Patrick, you also know he may implode in this hockey and party mad town.

Anyway banner day for Mr. natural, huge Italian wedding, just got back from the groom's dad's house, unbelievable catered spread of booze and high end brunch goodies.

International buffet after the ceremony and then the BIG bash 'till the wee hours.

Better get a room nearby çause this puppies out for the night!

Pantscast was super.

Jeesh, LG77's knowledge of hockey is embarrassing, for that reason I am ending our relationship and officially letting her go, follow your heart LG77, we'll always have Pantscast.

A tip of the hat to Mr. LG77.

OK buzz wearing off, gotta go.

moeman said...

I agree with Esther on the Price/Halak issue. If it is doable, $ign em both, trade one later (likely Halak).


Grey day so I'm making pineapple raisin bread pudding. Replace the milk with, wait for it, coconut milk and pre-cook (15 minutes) the pineapple that has been marinating in rum+brown sugar.

Also, quick pasta salad = your fave salad noodle, I like fusilli, al dente, rinse and cool. The dressing is too easy. Get a jar of your fave antipasti. Mix it in the noodles. Add lots of fresh herbs and a nice finely chopped shallot. Fridge it. Make it the day before. Serve with the S&P (I don't like cooking with too much salt but you can never add enough fresh ground pepper). Vary the pasta salad with feta cheese and/or black olives.

Another easy delish dish to wow the crowd. Get a wheel of Brie or Camembert, place it in an oven-prove dish, drizzle some olive oil and add lots of your fave bruschetta topping. Cranking up the BBQ for some grilling? Place the dish (uncovered) on the top rack whilst the oven/BBQ is hot and warm up the cheese for 10-12 minutes. Get some great bread. Add leaf of fresh basil.

NB - all of these dishes taste better when you are sans pants!

Tyg said...

Doubt Guy Boucher will be coaching next year for the Bulldogs or the Habs. He's headed for the CBJ's. According to many many twitter sources, he's been offered the gig.

Cause ya know, the Flyers fucking winning wasn't making my day shitty enough.

My recipe o' the day? Brew a pot of Tim Horton's coffee. Add liberal doses of Bailey's. Swirl with a cinnamon stick. Enjoy.

Orangeman said...

@Mr. Natural: No offence. Us folk who might be (though has yet to be confirmed) very reasonable individuals but insane on the interwebs need to stick together.

Recipe of the day: Tell the bitch* behind the counter to cook it faster.

*could be male of female. Point is, I don't have all day. *tapping foot*

I'm a terrible person.

RiRi said...

These recipes all sound delish and all but HOW CAN I THINK ABOUT FOOD AT A TIME LIKE THIS?!

Tampa Bay is on the verge of stealing Muller from us. Colombus is set on Boucher. This is probably never gonna happen but ideal scenario: Gauthier assigns Chocula to assistant GM and brings up Boucher to coach with Muller. WIN-WIN-WIN.


My $0.02: Price vs. Halak. Re-sign them both and decide who they're going to keep at a later date.

GoldenGirl11 said...

You seem to have an fixation with potato salad. You're too thin. Eat some protein.

Currently taking some sun in the parking lot of the Yorkdale Holiday Inn in Toronto, sorry North York. There is a bright sky and yet this city just oozes bland. Heading out for some Toronto fun tonight to Mr. Greenjeans. Can't wait to have two glasses of water bigger than my bladder. One I will drink and one will undoubtedly end up on my lap given that we are taking the 4 year old. I'll order some potato salad and see if I can figure out what's in it. Given that it's Toronto I'm going to guess potatoes and mayo. Nothing else. No spice, no flavor, no taste.

HabsFan29 said...

@GG - i must be Irish somewhere down the line

Number31 said...

Potato salad... Sounds good. I gotta make my Greek-ish styled potato salad. Otherwise, go away Columbus/Tampa Bay. Go steal someone else's coaches.

Mr. natural said...

@orangeman: as you well know no offense taken whatsoever, badge of honour in fact! Yes the anonymity of the intertoobs does allow the insanity to seep out at a rate that would be less sociably acceptable when actually interacting with the humans in a physical sense.

Man what a blowout yesterday, Montreal's Italian community knows how to throw a wedding bash!

Well in pretty good shape this AM, despite the excessive imbibing.

CHrist the Hawks know their in a series now!!

The PHucktards (man I hate to say this next sentence) are playing to win!

*Sigh* makes you wonder what could have been if the Broons not pulled the biggest choke in the history of team professional sports.

Hey orange do you ever get to China?

We could hook up in one of the larger cities and chow down a couple bowls of scorpions and shrimp heads, washing it all down with a bottle of 52% alcohol Baijiu, that PHucken stuff is for real!

OK, gotta go, will return when more coherent.

Orangeman said...

@Mr. natural: I have been to China, yes, but I don't go regularly. I'm up for the scorpians but shrimp make me die. It's not that I'm allergic, I just take the Old Testiment very seriously. No, really, deathly allergic.

And just to let everyone know, I've calmed down and forgiven you all for your heresy against Halak. As a sign of reconciliation I've deactivated my caps lock.

Regarding potato salad, I do actually have a nice recipe for that using my homemade ceasar dressing. I'm not completely useless in the kitchen.

Blackhawks back on top. The world is right again. Phuck you Philthy Phlyers.