Friday, November 02, 2007

7 Years, $49 Million; Senators Lost Cojones to Taunt FHF for Years to Come

God almighty. Jason Spezza has inked a contract extension for 7 years and $49 mill. He's in the line-up through 2015. Add that to Alfredsson through 2012 and Heatley through 2014, and the Habs aren't going to win another division title in my lifetime. Of course, my lifetime is being shortened by years of alcohol and drug abuse, but still. I'm sick. And it ain't the fifth of JD and eight-ball I had at lunch.

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Senators Lost Cojones said...

Hello boys. You may leave your sacrifices at the altar. Bathrooms are to the right, and be sure to visit our gift shop.

My offer to'Stinance? still stands. Embrace the beige!