Wednesday, November 14, 2007

"We'll take those 2 points, thank you" - Habs 4, Leafs 3 (OT)

Outshot 40-25, Habs (OK, Price) steal a couple of points last night at the ACC.

Plan the parade - we beat the Leafs. That's enough dammit! Especially after we had already lost twice to them this year by one goal. Certain wins just taste sweeter. The Leafs are at the top of the list. Mmmm, that's good victory.

Carey Price. Hello! Do we all agree his Franchise Saviour tag is earned? Sure, it's early. Sure, he's 20. Sure, he's only played 6 games. But are you watching? You just can't shake him. His calmness is seemingly drug-induced. 40 shots, 37 saves. Nothing to blame him on any of the 3 he let by (and one of those was off a high stick). He had several big ones to keep us in the game. He had a huge one against eventual goat Bryan McCabe about 15 seconds before Komo got the OT winner. AND he is just a classy guy off the ice, giving all credit to his teammates. The FHF developing man-crush on him must be stopped.

We hereby grant the Danse à 10 line number 1 line status. They had the jump all night. Kovy had a goal and two helpers and continues to look like he's enjoying himself. Pleks was flying! And Big Tits looks like he's starting to get comfortable. Let's hope the Gui! experiment on this line is over. He just can't skate with those guys.

Komo will be leading off the next shootout. And he had some nice big hits. Sure, one of them was on the late side, but it was on Darcy Tucker, so it's OK.

Finally, we should mention Chips, who is quietly going about his business on the 4th line and doing it very well.

The sky is falling - well putting Ryder in this space is now just redundant. But the problem is he's taking the rest of that line down with him. They have a combined one point over the last 3 games. At least they seem to be working, but damn they need to start you know, scoring, like a first line should (see above).

Penalties, penalties, penalties. Credit the PK for holding the Leafs to 1 goal, but chastize Markov for putting them there. 4 minors, and some stupid ones. Yes, he had a goal, but Markov is supposed to be good at both ends of the ice. I hope he's not turning into Souray v. 2.0.

Chez Parée bound? Price and Komo are getting the 4 on 2 special. The Danse à 10 line is enjoying complimentary beverages. The old #1 line is washing their underwear and glasses respectively.

7 lap dances out of 10. A 10 on the happiness scale, we admit that the Leafs deserved better. Hahaha, that's total bullshit. The Leafs deserve nothing. I deserve a lap dance for going through this whole review without once writing "Leafs Suck."

Next evil evil foe - the road trip through the Northeast division ends Friday in Buffalo. Mmmm, wings.


PPP said...

Damn Carey Price and damn that that won't be the last time I write that.

Also, Devereaux's goal wasn't a high stick and you might mention to Komisarek that if he is going to hit players late and start pushing and shoving after the whistle that it would be nice to see him man up once in a blue moon.

HabsFan29 said...

well we'll have to agree to disagree on the hihg stick thing

but if you think Komo doesn't "man up", you really have never watched a Habs game

Habsfan10 said...

Hello pot? It's me, the kettle calling ...

ppp, you and your little band of cheapshot artists and facewashers have made after the whistle scrums and late hits an art form since the Pat Burns days. And seeing as Komisarek spent last night working on shutting down guys like Mats, Tlusty, and Antropov, you might want to be thankful he didn't "man up" and fight them. In case you didn't notice,Komisarek doesn't spend a lot of time going head-to-head with whatever cementheads your fourth line is populated with. I'm sure if one of your tough guys asked him to dance he'd do so, but I didn't see any Leafs trying to get around the linesman last night either.

PPP said...

I don't watch a lot of Habs games thanks to RDS although I would if I could but it's funny that SLC thought the same thing about Komisarek. I assume it's just against the Leafs just like Neil because I see both fight against other teams but despite invitations neither one tends to like to partake.

Cheapshot artists? Like Bouillon's hit from behind on Blake or the way he stuck his leg out to trip another Leaf?

If it had been a high-stick it would have been called back.

I'd appreciate if the Habs could start their inevitable decline sooner rather than later.

Anonymous said...

Man up??? You mean like the winner in OT or putting Tucker on his ass?

I'm not sure what was more enjoyable - beating the Leafs or beating up the Leafs???

Or is it the ongoing misery of the so called Leaf Nation??

Be Leaf said...

No _ I think it was our $7m defenseman coughing up the puck to their $2m defenseman who scores the game winner on a breakaway.

Matt D said...

"If it had been a high stick it would have been called back."

The city of Buffalo would like a word, Puppeteer. I hear they're a bit touchy-- you might not want to try to pass off "if the skate had been in the crease it would have been called back." Desperate people do desperate things, you know.

Habsfan10 said...

Hell, I think the Devereaux goal was legit. Big deal. That still leaves you a goal short.

PPP said...

HAHAHA the city of Buffalo can complain all that they want but the league had said at the All-Star break that if the player had control of the puck then his skate could be in the crease.

And that is in no way coloured by my hatred of Buffalo (of course it is ;)).

As for the Tucker hit, late hits tend to surprise people much like Higgins got rocked by our worst defenceman.

And McCabe is only a $5.75M defenceman for cap purposes.

But enjoy the win anonymous. Lord knows it doesn't happen often enough.

Panger, the morningstar called, he wants your soul for his help in the win!

Anonymous said...

will do PPP..and I have been enjoying Hab wins for the past 40 years...including what, 12 cups?

Maybe you could also research that number as well?

Keep grasping...

PPP said...

Grasping? I'm at least living in this millennium.

Congratulations, you won a cup 15 years ago this spring and one 22 years ago this spring. (christ, that means you guys got 10 in the 18 years before that? No wonder the Habs have joined the Leafs in drought-ville) You sound like Bruce Springsteen still living off of those wins. Glory Days indeed ;)

What have the Habs done lately? Get owned by the Leafs.

Anonymous said...

From 2001 up to last night:

Leafs 19 wins
Habs 12 wins
4 ties

Leafs 113 goals
Habs 106 goals

16 games decided by one goal.

Owned? That's not owned. You guys regular season vs the Sens? That's owned.

PPP said...

Good research and you're right I probably should have added 'In Toronto' to that since the record in Montreal does a lot to mask the lopsidedness of the series. Not to mention that at least 4 of those Habs wins are in OT.

Good work on starting from 2001 though. A sens fan would have chosen 2000.

And yes, the sens do really well in the regular season against a lot of teams including the Leafs and I'd wager the Habs as well.

bob said...

Well, we all know the Habs have a tendency not to show up against 2nd class teams.

Those stats say it all.
3W 8L at home, Leafs Suck.

Anonymous said...

you got nothing but a few regular season wins...

Except for some interesting press..

Anonymous said...

I don't know if yesterday's pic helped the Habs but I see it attracted some Leafs fans. Maybe next time you can post the one with Tlusty french kissing his teammate.
And yeah, the past is the past, thats why I enjoy speculating on the future with Leafs fans.

d sanchez said...

"It's tough in this city to censorize anything," said Leafs forward Wade Belak

Haha what a monkey.

Habsfan10 said...

So, by your logic, we could take out the Leafs winning more at home and totally change the dynamic of this "lopsided series", right? You can't have it both ways, ppp. Montreal's wins and Toronto's wins each count for the same, home or away.

panger76 said...

Sorry PPP. I already sold it to The Man (and I mean my boss, not Komo.)

Ashley said...

Hmm...looks like it's gonna be Habs > Leafs this season.


"We'll take those 2 points, thank you."

I'd take a few points for the Pens if I could...the basement of the division is not a happy place to be.

HabsFan29 said...

don't say that ashley you're gonna jinx it!

The Pens have too much talent not to get some points sooner or later. I would make a "except for Coach Therrien" joke, but that would be cruel

PPP said...

Do Habs fans look back on last year when Therrien and Vigneault were viewed as geniuses and just laugh the day away?

Ashley - It looked that way at the halfway mark of the season and the Habs still found a way to end up a point behind the Leafs.