Friday, November 30, 2007

NHL GM's Finally Get The Thumb Out From Their Asses

The NHL has finally approved a schedule change, reverting back to the Old NHL ways, so that every team plays every other team at least once. Good job on realizing the NHL isn't like Major League Baseball or the NFL, GM's. Too bad it took you three years to figure it out, geniuses. Those cheap-ass bastards (hello, Brian Burke) can talk about creating divisional rivalries all they want (ignoring the fact that the best rivalries are made in the playoffs. Or by Claude Lemieux hammering Kris Draper headfirst into the boards), it's really about cash, specifically travel expenses for opposite-coast road trips.

It breaks down like this: 6 divisional games, 4 games against conference opponents, and 1 game against non-conference teams. This means no more 4 games in 2 weeks against the fucking Sabres (of course it also means Tuesday night games against Columbus, but whatever.) For those of you better at math that me, the new/old schedule leaves 3 "wild card" games. For the Habs, this probably means 3 more games against the Western Canadian teams. Habs fans living in those cities (like Calgary!), rejoice.


HabsFan29 said...

its about goddamn time. i am sick of the Sabres

fezworth said...

Yes! Panger, We'll have to have a Habs meetup during those Saddledome games. :-D

panger76 said...

Oh hell yeah Fezworth! I just hope that they don't stick on games against the Leafs instead.