Thursday, November 22, 2007

Habs 4 Isles 1 - Sweet, Sweet Higgins Homecoming

The Karmic Fashion Police are still making the Islanders pay for the crime against the senses.

Plan the parade - The Habs beat a decent team on the road. Giggidy. FHF and Fan fav Steve Begin pots a pair, and El Dandy adds a couple of helpers. Christo-Wall makes a season high 43 stops, although to the defence's credit, he wasn't called upon to make a whole lot of difficult stops. Dance a dix keeps up the pace with Pleks potting another off a defelction from a phenomenal AK 27 pass. Home cooking obviously agrees with HF10's Boy Chris Higgins, as he busts out of the corner and blows one by Di Pietro, showing us a glimpse of his power forward potential. By the way Isles fans, enjoy the next 13 1/2 seasons of Rick DiPietro. Yeah, good luck with that.

The sky is falling - after killling off Komo's 4 minute minor, the Habs kinda mailed in the 3rd. But we'll forgive them after picking up the win with only 45 minutes of work. Speaking of Komo, the Habs 'Long Island Ice D' had rather a forgettable trip home. Not only does he get whupped by Brendan Witt, he gets a double minor for high sticking, giving the Isles a 30-second two man advantage, and puttng the Habs a man short to start the third. Don't worry Komo, HF29 still loves you.

Is it bad that it was a relief when Ryder was stoned twice late in the second, because of the always looming fear that a Ryder goal means the Habs will find a way to lose? Just asking...

When Andy Sutton and his 6'6 frame were on the UFA market, the Habs instead chose to reach out for the Breezer. Not that Breezer hasn't played ok, but wouldn't all 78 inches of Sutton look good in fromt of our net? Instead Sutton when to the Isles , and Habs fans have to suffer through the Streit-Bouillon midget convention on teh blueline. (Imagine 6'4 Komo, 6'4 Hamr and 6'6 Sutton as one half of each defensive pairing....I wish Bob would have...)

Big Tits gets his helmet knocked off by Sutton - and man, Big Tits needs to talk to Theo about a exemption from the NHL drug testers for the use of some strong hair care products. Dude, aren't you, like, 22 or something? I though you were from Belarus, not the Ukraine.

8 lap dances out of 10 - a solid (though less-than-60-minute) performce which earned a tough win on the road against a decent opponent. Sweet, we only need about 20 more road games like that to make the playoffs.

Next evil evil foe - the road trip ends Friday in Buffalo. Mmmm, wings. What, is there something else Buffalo is known for? Besides losing?

And more importantly, Panger is going to be at the rematch Saturday night! Live! Sweet! They better not suck.


HabsFan29 said...

Shouldn't have written that Sabres comment last night Panger! They can beat the Sens, we're screwed...

HabsFan29 said...

Oh and I do still love Komo of course. He may have been pummelled in the fight, but at least he never backs down in the absence of a true enforcer.

fezworth said...

Shouldn't we turn that on its head? The Sabres can beat the Sens, but we can beat the Sabres... Of course, the Sens can beat us, and Mike Johnson's grandmother's shuffleboard team can beat the Leafs. I don't know where that puts us.

HabsFan29 said...

Tru dat fezworth. But here's a monkey wrench - the Leafs beat the Sens! With a shutout! WTF does that leave???

My head hurts. I need a drink.