Thursday, November 15, 2007

This is a Sheldon Souray Post We Swear

Any chance to post an Angelica Bridges photo...

Thanks to Anonymous* for pointing out to us that TSN is reporting that Sheldon Souray is out indefinitely. This was only supposed to be 3-4 weeks, now he's out for a while. I would guess the new year at the earliest. Weird, because shoulder injuries are usually not that bad. Too much work in the sack maybe? That's a good way to get injured I'll tell ya.

Mmmm that's good schadenfreude.

*Now dubbed HabFanatic. Nice name.

1 comment:

HabFanatic said...

Since you have acknowledged my 2 recent posts (news on Murray and Souray) it's only fair I get a handle.

As another Ex-Montrealer living in exile, your site (and pics) provides great comfort for those of us living in Laffland.

Keep up the great work with FHF!