Monday, November 19, 2007

Larry Robinson or Bobby Orr?

Look, I know Bobby Orr was the greatest offensive D ever, don't scream at me for comparing them. But Larry was an offensive machine as well, with highlight goals and QB'ing the PP with pinpoint passes. Watch this and tell me otherwise:

Big Bird could play offence. During his prime (the 4 straight Cups in the late 70's) he averaged about a point per game. He was even regenerated and re-energized in 1985-86 and came up with an 82-point season. I know Habs forwards who would kill for that now.

208 - 750 - 958 in 1358 career games. Not bad for a guy who dominted in his own end.

Oh and BTW, that goal above was scored in Game 5 of the Finals. He thrived under pressure.

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HabFanatic said...

Let's hope Komi is paying attention to tonight's ceremony. He reminds me of Robinson in his early days...

As for the Sens, they will be rabid after the Laffs pull a rabbit out of their ass on Saturday.

Go figure...