Friday, November 09, 2007

Plan the Parade: Price and Pleks Put the Hurt on Bears

Not the most scintillating performance, but any time the headlines read "Habs win, Bruins lose" it's a good day at FHF Headquarters.

Plan the parade - Bruins lose. Canadiens win. We can't stress enough how much we enjoy those words. Hate the Leafs all you want, but always reserve a special place in your soul for an uncompromising, blacker than the fires of hell hate of the Bruins, the boorish, black and gold lunchbucket yin to Montreal's glorious bleu blanc et rouge firewagon yang.

The newly constituted Danse a Dix line provides all the offence, Kovy getting credit for Plek's first and Pleks undressing Tim Thomas for the second after a splendid pass from Big Tits. Habs outshoot another opponent and spend the last five minutes not only protecting a lead but going for a third to kill the game off. Panger's boy Chips has so much of Carbo's confidence he's out there with less than 2 minutes to go suffocating the Bruin's last gasp. A potentially disasterous 5 on 3 Bruins powerplay late in the third is successfully killed off, with Carbo noting guys were jumping up on the bench wanting to kill them off. Plus, there's that fellow named Price.

Carey Price yet again plays with ice-water in his veins, mature beyond his years as he calmly swats away 29 shots and makes Pierre Maguire weep tears of joy. So far, so great, and we agree when Maguire says "I wouldn't want to be the Eastern Conference, facing this guy for the next ten years." In other news, Jaroslav Halak bookmarks U-Haul on his laptop. All in all, a solid if unspectacular road game ends with two more points in the bank against a divisional foe.

The Sky is Falling - Michael Ryder remains on the side of the milk carton. Thirty shots and only two goals, and a relatively silent night from Messrs Higgins and Koivu. Greek Lightning ends up on the first line late thanks to Ryder's ineptness. Love Greek Lightning, wish there was a better talent to fit on the top line until Ryder's head is out of his ass. Kovy shoved a puck that looked like it was going in over the line to steal Plek's goal. Nitpicking, I know. Frankie B got tangled with Aaron Ward and Ward hit the ice motionless; video was inconclusive but most agreed there was an elbow thrown. You don't like to see that, and Bouillon might get called on the carpet by the league for it.

Chez Paree Bound? - Price and the Danse a Dix line get VIP treatment, and the rest of the team is coming in too because the Habs won and the Bruins lost. After too many years in which the B's held sway, the Habs have taken 5 straight in this rivalry and order has been restored to the universe.

6 Lap Dances out of 10. - Always tempted to give a 10 for wins against teams I hate, but I'll refrain. This was a solid win with some nervy moments. Continued absence of anything from Ryder and the Ward elbow temper my enthusiasm a little.

Next Evil Evil Foe: The 2000-pound gorilla of the East, the Sens on Saturday afternoon in Kanata. Five for Smiting is already sharpening his number 2 pencil in anticipation.


Anonymous said...

Sorry elbow from Bouillion.

see it here

The video shows an angle no one else has yet.

Rue Peel said...

What on earth are you talking about, anon? Bouillon had his elbow up and popped him on the way by, it's plain as day. Do you think Ward just spontaneously collapsed on his own?

Senators Lost Cojones said...

DaaaaaDum. DaaaaaDum. DaaaDum. DaaDum. DaaDum Daa-Dum DaaDumDaDum DaDumDaDumDADUMDADUMDADUMDADUMDADUMDADUM...

You're gonna need a bigger boat. There's blood in the water boys. We don't lose two in a row.

See ya tomorrow!

gettin'higgy wit it said...

i wouldn't worry too much about milk carton boy...last year he started the same way and still potted 30

fearless prediction: hat trick for Ryder today! (but only if badass emery is in nets)