Tuesday, November 13, 2007

BREAKING "NEWS" - Garth Murray is a Panther

Thanks to reader Anonymous for pointing out that Garth Murray has been claimed by the Florida Panthers. As he said in his comment, "yawn."

He had a few moments last year, but there's just no room in the new NHL for a fourth line enforcer who doesn't do much else. Goodbye and good luck, I guess.


Matt D said...

It seems lke Gainey wanted this to happen. Otherwise, why bother with the pointless send down, call up thing? I wonder why, a bit, but I also don't really care, because In Bob I Trust.
And I never liked Downey.

Oh, and Habs Inside Out is showing the funny "contact the billing department screen" again.

panger76 said...

Why did we recall him only to have to pay half his salary? Why not just leave him in Hamilton where he couldn't provided some vet depth?

D Sanchez said...

Enforcer? He'd get smacked around in a ringette game. Read Matt D's post and breathed a sigh of relief. Or was it indifference? I thought I was banned from the HIO (no fun allowed unless you are a circle jerk member) blog. Guess the crack team at the Gazette is still trying to perfect something that thousands of little kids have been doing for years.

HabsFan29 said...

d Sanchez I use the term enforcer loosely. I really have no idea what else to call him. what did he do anyway besides breathe? and didnt we give up a Hossa for him?
sure, not the good Hossa, but a Hossa nonetheless

"HIO (no fun allowed unless you are a circle jerk member)" - that should be their new slogan. +1 for d sanchez

d sanchez said...

What else did he do but breathe?
I'm stumped. He's just the kind of electrifying player that Jacques Munster and the Panthers stockpile in order to keep the 5000 pacemakers in the BankAtlantic Center under control.

Bryan said...

5000 pacemakers under control !!!!

omg dude i laughed so fuckin hard at that....

that's really fuckin clever.. omg that was priceless !