Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Alex Ovechkin Will Gladly Sign Your Tits

Via Puck Daddy, orginally from the Alex Ovetjkin blog, comes a wide ranging interview with Ovie himself, translated from the original Russian. There's all sorts of good stuff that Wysh has pulled out, but really, if this ain't the money quote, we have to redefine money quote:

Q: The girls often write on the posters "Alex, will you marry me!"
A: All the time. Got used to it and don't feel shy anymore. Sometimes after the game, they pull up T-shirts and ask to sign on the chest. I am all for it.

We wonder if Ovie BFF Markov has the same policy.


panger76 said...

HF 29, loved your BFF Markov line. If I ever meet him I’m asking him to sign my chest. Not that you’d be able to see the signature through the Italian body hair…

lawyergirl77 said...

Panger you owe me a new keyboard... The mental image is priceless!!

Then again, the missus would probably just turn around and try to sell you on ebay in order to get some extra moolah to fund her Wii addiction!! ;-)

panger76 said...

Why do I tell my friends about this site??

Thankfully Mrs. Panger has neer read the blog, and I doubt she ever will.

Bryan said...

wwwwhaaat signature? god i love milky white chesticles